Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


58. Like a Fool

Cas looked at me. I couldn't take the tensioned atmosphere anymore and walked back over the balcony towards the workshop. 

I shouldn't of got caught up in this mess. I should focus on my family and somehow create a balanced line to my life's wonky edges. I leaned the staff against the table before taking a deep breath, tears pricking behind my eyelids . A cloud settled around my mind, darkening my thoughts as I lose hope in anything going right. I heard the door open slowly.

I turn so I am facing the fireplace, the embers warming my cheeks. 

'Is it true?' I ask unmoving. I dare not look at him or the flood of tears would be never-ending. The first guy that shows interest in me and already my heart gets broken.

'No,' he said firmly. I take a deep breath.

'You mean it?' I ask, trying to sound firm but my voice wavered at the end. Dammit. Be strong. I turned slowly to look at him, folding my arms to avoid showing him my shaking arms. 

He walked over to me, without breaking eye contact swept into a kiss like no other. Sun's shined through trees, my heart blooming under his kiss as the warmth spread through my chest, spreading like a liquid love; just that his lips were touching mine. It felt like everything clicked into place. We slowly broke apart. 

I looked up into eyes, slightly breathless at this passionate gesture and cheeks beyond pink more like a traffic light of doom. His reaction was similar as he looked surprised at himself. 

'Does that prove how wrong the accusations were?' he whispered, our eyes still locked together. I just couldn't look away. An owl swooped in, startling both of us as it crashed an development into a stack of papers. Instant scatter effect. I groaned. 

'I tidied this argh,' I bent over to pick up the schematics, scribbles and pictures of random inventions. Cas opened the envelope. I looked over to him. 

'We've got to go to Tanderish, he has information about your Mother,' he looked up at me, gauging my reaction. I grabbed my staff.

'Let's go,' I said firmly. We walked straight to the main chamber.  

Everyone turned around and looked at me with sad eyes. My breath caught in my throat.

'What's wrong?' I asked. My thudding in my chest.

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