Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


30. Let's Do This

We turn the corner into the dining room on which everyone stopped. Everything. I walked slowly to the far end behind Caspian as I stared at the floor embarrassed.

I sat down as Caspian handed me a plate consisting of grapes, cheese and bread. My stomach growled at the sight. I started to eat slowly as people started to relax around me. Keeping my eyes on my plate, I picked up whispers from around me.

'...way too young to go,'

'She doesn't even look like the princess, she's just an imposter,'

'-probably not even skilled-' Everyone stopped whispering insults at me as someone entered the room. 

'Don't listen to them,' Caspian whispered to me. I looked up and returned his warm smile with my weak one. Caspian's smile vanished as he looked up behind me. Oh great. Sir Sulks a lot.

'Are you ready for tonight's mission?' the prince asked. I half turned to look up at him. I knocked his hat off in answer. I turned around to hide my smirk as annoyance crossed his face. Caspian had a mischievous glint in his eyes as he tried not to laugh as the Prince picked up his hat.

'Meet in the training hall at 11 tonight,' he stated before briskly walking out, both of us watching his departure. We both looked at each other before bursting into giggles. For the first time in ages I feel myself relax as I laugh all the stress away. 

I walked around the place for a bit after Caspian excused himself, explaining he was working on something for tonight's mission. The mention of it suddenly made my stomach drop down to the ground. So now I'm walking around this... place to walk off the feelings of nerves and unease of my mission ahead.

I came into a corridor that lead out onto a courtyard on which a massive tree loomed up high on it's own. Like every fantasy novel I've read, I gathered it had significant importance in this land magically or to the people living around it. 

I sat on a bench before it, contemplating the night ahead. With my new found powers, would I be able to save my Mum? I started moving leaves around me, swishy hand movements making them lazily dance about as I try to get rid of the gnawing anxiety in my gut. 

A rustle behind me caused reflexes to kick in as I send a tirade of dead foliage at the intruder. Tanderish steps aside as it flies past him. I bush embarrassed. 

'Uh sorry I di-' he holds out a hand.

'Do not worry, I simply was testing your reflexes. On which, are practically impeccable. Olivia did well,' he smiled at me as I relaxed slightly. I sat back down and look up at the tree as twilight makes it's mark on the sky. Tanderish sits next to me.

'I know you're worried about tonight's mission but you are really prepared,' he began. I looked at the tree's leaves swaying in the light breeze.

'But you need to be on alert no matter what,' he concluded. Wow that was a short confidence builder. 

'Come, let's get you fitted to your armour and I believe Caspian has something for you,' my heart picked up. I wondered what he'd been up to. 

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