Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


3. Just Another Day

I sighed as I stood up with the rest of the class as the bell rung. My chest in a tight knot as I try work through the equation bomb the professor dropped on us in the last hour in Physics; working through my head thrice trying to make sense of it. Distracted I accidentally bumped into someone as I tried to scoop my textbooks up.

Still caught up in my own thoughts I looked foggily up at the person I interrupted.

'Uh sorry I wasn't really looking where I was going..' I started to mumble as my gaze travelled up the body of this guy... oh no. I stopped mid sentence as I met his green eyes. All the air escaped from my lungs as I realised I couldn't speak to this person. I recognised him from the moment I saw those Hazel eyes.

'Hey no need to apologise, I wasn't doing a very good job myself,' he laughed slightly as he moved around me, still keeping eye contact.

'Well uh sorry again; I've gotta go so..' He continued as he looked at me. Offering a weak smile he walked out, tall legs striding as his arms swing; one full of text books.

I breathe in sharply after what seemed like several minutes going by without me breathing at all. Face burning I recounted the last minutes of... whatever that was. I remembered how his unique hazel eyes didn't recognise me at the encounter. But I remembered him.

Hurrying out of the classroom, I hitched my rucksack higher on my shoulder as I sped towards my locker. The halls seemed too empty, echo-y as everyone had rushed to get home as it was Friday afternoon.

Breathing I yanked open my locker after quickly putting in the combination. I chucked my heavy physics books inside, grabbed my coat and my truck keys with shaking hands. As I shut the locker door I leant against the cold surface, breathing more calmly to calm my beating heart. I hated this.

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