Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


57. Jealousy

I ducked through the main door to find pages scattered everywhere, books torn apart or spilling their pages onto the marble floor. I looked up to find Caspian and Charles struggling with each other. I sighed. I haven't got time for this. I started walking up the wooden staircase, their sparring becoming more clear as I got closer. 

'...shouldn't be getting involved!' shouted Cas. Thump. A few more books fell to the floor. I winced at the beautiful volumes falling to the floor below. I turned around the corner to the overhead bridge to the outside rim of the library on where Charles and Cas were struggling with each other. I'm not putting up with his royal stroppyness today. 

'What the hell?' I shout as I approach them. They turn to me, eyes like bunnies in headlights as they realised they had company.. all the librarians must of left once the commotion started. Charles moved away from Caspian slowly, righting his precious blue uniform looking brash as Caspian stared at him with disgust. 

'Well?' I ask. My tone strong and done with this mess. I crossed my arms, my staff in my right hand. Tension crackled like lightening in the space. 

'I-I am going.. Tanderish needs me,' mumbled Charles, ducking his head down as he tries to go past me. I block his way with the staff, anger bubbling up at the pompous idiot.

'What. Happened.' I asked through clenched teeth. He looks at me before moving away, sulkily leaning against the wall a few steps by me. 

'He uh, accused me of something..' Cas trailed off. He looked at me with hurt, guilty eyes before looking away. I looked at Charles, prompting him to provide the reason why. I narrowed my eyes. 

'That he was using you because of your talents..' he spoke lowly. I sighed.

'So that was worth causing all this damage and distress?! Why would you care?' I countered angrily. I stared at me before looking away, walking past me to god knows where. 

'Did he say why?' I asked Cas. He looked away from my gaze, uncomfortable with the whole situation. He took a deep breath. 

'It's because he has feelings for you,' he stated. My mind went blank. Surely not? He's been horrible and cold with me the entire time. 

'Well his accusations are false right?' I ask, my heart hammering away in my chest. Please don't tell me I've been played like a fool. 

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