Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


49. I Suited Up

I grabbed my armour that been strewn around the place, quickly tying on everything before grabbing my staff pausing at the door. It's strange how all of this feels so natural to me and I originally used to dream about this stuff whilst reading all my books.

I smiled at myself before walking out the door. It's time to hunt a demon. I sped down the corridor towards the meeting point with Cas, flying by the many corridors before something caught my eye. 

I turned around just in time to deflect a light beam, turning my staff across my body deflecting it back to the attacker with a powerful gust of wind. My hair whipped away from my face as I faced off with the demon. 

'Well if it isn't the ickle little princess,' it lisped.

'How did you know about that?' I asked, my demeanour hardening. No Distractions. I won't fail.

'Well news travels fast when she escapes the King not once but twice in a rowwww,' it dragged, whilst throwing a fireball at me. I was surprised at my cockiness when I easily side stepped the attack and twirled my staff, sending vine darts from a nearby wall right at him; one embedding straight into it's arm. My mouth twitched slightly. I heard Tanderish approach behind me, on which the demon falls to the floor.

"Well done, we'll take him to the dungeon. You need to find Cas,' he nodded at me before winking... Wait he did Magic on that guard-

'Hey! You alright?' Cas said as tapped my shoulder. I shook the thoughts away and looked up at Cas.

'Yeah of course, um, it seemed like a piece of cake,' I smiled up at him. I fiddled with my staff.

'I'm gonna go train for abit, a lot has happened and well I, yeah,' I sighed looking at him. Everything was starting to weigh me down, what has happened, missing home. Tears pricked at my eyes slightly. 

'Hey,' Cas rubbed my arm comfortingly. 'Do you wanna talk about it? I mean going from another world and all of this loaded onto you; I'm amazed at how strong you've been,' he smiled warmly at me. Relief flooded my system, realising all the things I've never really had time to process and well, I'm glad someone realised that. 

'Come train with me?' I asked Cas. 

'I thought you'd never ask,' he winked at me before walking down the corridor with me. 

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