Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


43. Game Changer

I sigh as I walk back to my room, my heart heavy at how things turned out at the workshop. I hope he's okay considering his father... I slumped onto my bed and closed my eyes. God I am so sleepy. My body relaxed as I fell asleep.

The woman was singing softly as soft sunlight filtered through the airy curtains, casting sun spots across the room. Taking a deep breathe, I watch the scene lay before me, unable to change anything. 

'.... let the trees sing their soft tune to you, just as all the birds flew...' she kept singing as the room slowly filled with red light. She gasped as she noticed the change, panic filling her expression as a strange noise filled the room. She runs over to me, kissing me on the forehead, telling me to hide in the closet. With tears streaming down my face, unspeakable fear fell within me as I slid off the bed and ran over to the wooden doors, sliding them shut quickly an burying my small body in the far corner behind boxes.

For several moments, all I could hear my heart thump loudly, trying not to make a sound as tears continued to stain my face. Then the commotion started, I heard yelling around the house followed by screams and bangs on walls the noises getting louder as I hide my head in my hands.

My head jerks up as the noise ceases, confusion dominating my brain as I slowly look up as my door opens. The creaking of the hinges filled the stifling silence as I peered through the slanted wooden slats, my breath short. The figure creeped into the room, holding a long shiny object that glinted in the red light. They slowly scanned the room, stopping the noticing the place where I was hiding. The closet. 

Holding my breath, I waited with baited breath as they started to open the closet door.

I woke up screaming as I sent a flying orb of energy straight at the door as someone ducks out of the way last minute. I curl up crying as the dream came back to me. She had to be my mother when she was kidnapped. I could still feel the little girl scared out of her mind. Tears continued to fall as I felt someone put their arms around me, rocking me slightly as they sit beside me, leaning my head against their shoulder as I cry my eyes out for the first time whilst being on this crazy adventure. 

I look up through my tears to find Cas right there.


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