Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


18. Explosions

I faintly feel someone grabbing me as I fall, pulling me away from the loud noises and fighting sounds in the great hall. As I struggled to regain consciousness, I focus on the face of the person who picked me up. All I could see was red fabric. I soon drifted into the black mugginess of my mind.
'Is she even alive?' an angry woman's voice demanded.
'Yes, Hester I told you she fainted! She collapsed before the fighting even began!', a deeper voice responded. My head was starting to throb as the voices became clearer alongside my vision. So much for hoping it was all a dream.
'Look! She's waking up!' he exclaimed. I opened my eyes to find myself under a canopy of trees, a fire lit in front of me and two forms whom the voices belong to across from it. I roll my aching shoulders, feeling the rough tree bark grazing against the skin on my neck.
'Where am I?', I ask cautiously. Who knows what I'm here for I've been kidnapped once already on this crazy trip.
'Lurkwood forest m'dear,' the woman replied. I'm guessing she is Hester. I took a deep breath as I put a lid on the panicky feeling inside me. Well it almost worked. With the fire dancing around what seems to be a clearing, the lit chasing around the shadows of the thick lush of trees surrounding us.
'Do you remember what happened?' The man asked. I tried to get a better look at him but he was wrapped in dark material.
'I um remember the King questioning th- the Prisoner,' my voice started to quake abit as I realised how tense the situation is and wondered if I would of been in more danger if the moment had lasted any longer befor-
'Why was the King questioning me and him?' I demanded.


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