Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


29. Expertise

'Finally, you're starting to use your instincts,' Olivia smiled as she let go of the staff before vanishing from sight. I plucked the staff from mid air and held it diagonally across my body eyes searching the room.

Never in my entire life did I feel so alive and vibrant with energy as this weird game of sparring carried on. I heard a rustle to my left and I sidestepped as a branch shot past me; latching onto the far wall instead.

This bizarre game of cat and mouse carried on for what seemed like hours until Olivia stood in front of me, causing my stance to relax and then I felt how sore and tired my muscles really were. Rubbing my arms, I looked at my teacher as sleepiness overtook my senses.

'You have done well; especially considering your powers have come to light only today. You are ready for tomorrow's mission,' She smiled warmly at me during this.

'Through this practise, you worked best reflex-wise with the staff; take it with you,' she gestured for me to leave. Smiling at her, I walked back through the branched tunnel back to the Council chamber and then winding my way back down the stairs and slopes. I looked up to find no sunlight filtering through the trees; I must of been training for majority of the day? Speaking on which, I am absolutely starving... but where can I find food?

As I turned a corner I bumped into Caspian... literally.

'Ow! Uh sorry I was-.' I started feeling embarrassed.

'Do not worry,' he smiled at me. 'I was actually on my way to find you as Tanderish was worried Olivia had beaten you into a pulp,' he grinned wickedly at the last remark. I clutched my staff a little more tightly as he said so... almost defensively.

'No no! I mean like obviously you'd be a match; considering the powe-' he stopped midway through his sentence as he sheepishly looked around the corridor, not wanting to meet my eyes.

'It's fine, Caspian. Although I did think I was a goner at one point,' I grin sheepishly at him as my stomach tingled alittle. Why did that feel nice?

'Ahem, uh anyways the dining room is down this way,' he gestured down the corridor the way he just came.

'Well I'll follow your lead then?' I asked as we set off down the hallway, soft white glow bugs dancing near the ceiling and through the arches. I glanced out onto the moonlit lake; the image shattered and broken up by tree branches obscuring it.  

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