Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


39. Downtime

With my heartbeat in my chest, I ran out of the room, calling I'll be right back to Caspian; all the way to my room where I changed my clothes to a dark blue shirt, waistcoat and almost skinny jeans (well the material is similar), brushed through my wispy, curled hair and looked at my face in the mirror. The bags under my eyes could rival a zombie. Bloody hell. Thinking on what I could do, I looked around in my vanity drawers. A Brush, a Bottle of Perfume, a Box? I pull it slowly out of the bottom drawer, the ornate carved wooden lid sealed shut against the bottom half. 

Puzzled, I ran my hand over the smooth grooves. Onto which, the lid popped open a couple of centimetres. With baited breath I slowly inched it open. At the bottom of the light box, was a letter alongside a silver pendant.

I drew the brownish envelope out, the front baring no name yet inside was obviously holding a thick wad of parchment. I thumbed the envelop not wanting to reveal what's inside. Who knows what I could find? I put it back in it's place in the box, back into the drawer on which I returned to my main problem. I look a mess. Thinking on it, why am I so obsessed? I think back on the several close moments I had with Caspian, my chest fluttering at what could of happened. I shoot my head. I should be looking presentable with the council, I emma technically I'm a princess in this realm. I can't look too awful right?

I look at my reflection again, willing my face to look better. I gasped as the bags start to disappear, my skin looking a bit more full of life instead of having spent a night inventing an invisibility cloak. I guess my magic can do more than just levitation. Feeling bit happier about myself, I tie my hair up in a ponytail and make my way into the kitchens in search of breakfast and how to keep awake. Do they have coffee here? I'm about to find out. I round the corner to find the stone doorway which revealed a barrage of beautiful breakfast scents. Grinning I walked in. 

'Hey, um do you have any drinks that'll keep you awake?' I asked the chef. He seemed to be a jolly man, slightly short but big, greeting me with a warm smile as he turned away from the stove slightly. 

'Ah! I wondered when I'd finally meet you!' he declared. I smiled at him and confused as towhee he was expecting me.

'Your mother had that same look about her, after a night of reading or inventing new things in the castle. She'd come to me in the early hours of the morning to talk or purely just to eat when she would,' he said, whilst serving up what seems to be a scrumptious breakfast of eggs, sausages and toast. My stomach rumbled at the sight of it.

'You knew my mother?' I ask. Not many people have actually said much more about her or wanted to for that matter. 

'I was the cook at the castle where she was growing up honey,' I smiled at the nickname as he handed me the plate of food. I kicked myself as I realised my comrade and fellow scientist.
'Please could I have a second plate? My friend Caspian..' I trail off as he instantly hands me a second plate.

'And there's a coffee stand just over there,' I sighed inwardly with relief. I smiled at the joyous chef before grabbing what seemed to be a flask of the warm liquid and making my way back along the corridors, levitating one of the plates, made it back to the library and got through the door as Caspian started to wake up.

'Wakey, wakey eggs and uh toast,' I laugh bit at how badly I played that joke.  Can smiles at me as he realises I've brought food. I put down the levitated plate onto the desk next to him, oh which produced two sets of cutlery.

'Eat here often I'm guessing?' I asked. I pour myself some coffee and drunk it, relishing the bitter taste that came along with the caffeine kick. I lean back and relaxed for bit, reviewing how great the moment felt. 

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