Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


51. Developments and Trickery

(Tanderish POV)

'So what you are telling me is this..,' I stood in front of the guard. Stony. 

'Yes .. sir,' he stuttered, I can't believe this. Anger was quietly brewing in my chest but I pushed it aside. No rational thoughts will become of this emotion if it takes over my body. 

'He escaped?' I posed calmly.

'Well uh yes sir, I-I'm not sure how,' he stammered. I could feel his anxiety and nervousness filling the room with energy. I closed my eyes. Images swam in my eyelids of the morning here. How did the prisoner escape? 

I watched as I saw him shackled up to the wall when a portal opened, the shimmery blue light reflecting off of his armour. An cloaked figure stepped through, pausing at the sight of the shackled man before unshackling him. As the figure turned I gasped. That silver hair, the face shape.... it couldn't be her helping them out after all this time.

I opened my eyes to see the guard trembling at my reaction. My jaw set. We've got work to do.

'Come, we have to find the Princess' daughter,' I gesture for him to follow me out into the stone corridor. 

'Why is that sir?' the guard replied, rushing to keep up with me. 

'She must know the truth of her mother's involvement in all of this.... she cannot be won over to the other side by naivety,' I reply. This is going to affect everyone in the core, especially those who followed her in the first place. For once in my life, I am extremely nervous about the outcome of this information. 

'Tell the witch we need to secure the hideout, someone got in easily with magic, we need the wards improved with new people here,' I finish. 

Heart beating with the darkness of dread, I turn several corners to find the Princess' daughter's room. I must find out the true nature and tell her of the thigs to come... as well as her true name.  

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