Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


55. Deeper Holes

I take a deep breath before knocking on the dungeon door, trying to keep my anxiety at bay about what could be going on between Cas and Charles. Why would he be angry though? I haven't screwed anyone over or betrayed anyone to the bad side so... unless... 

'Teresa get in here,' Tanderish shouted. Woah what's happening? I push through the heavy wooden door fight in my stance as all i can see is the writhing form of Cas' father on the floor. Uh oh. I drop to my knees next to him.

'What's going on with him?' I ask the elf. I try to hold down his arms, his hands flailing at me.

'Someone's trying to kill him through his mind; you need to go in and save him,' he put grimly, whilst wiping the traitor's forehead, his hair slightly out of place for the first time making him seem more human.

'I haven't got the skills for that! Why couldn't Olivia-' I stutter.

'You're more powerful to go against this force!' Tanderish looked up at me, his eyes flashing with frustration. 

'What do I do-,' I set down my staff as I look at Cas' dad. what if I can't save him? Would Cas ever forgive me? Would I forgive myself? What if I get attacked too? Tanderish grabbed my hand and placed it onto the traitor's head. I gasped at the darkness that exploded around my vision as my body fell deep down into the icy black depths that is Cas' father. 

I wake lying on a stone floor, slippery from cold precipitation from the foggy darkness that surrounds me. I quickly got to my feet, unsure of what to expect from the traitor's mind. 

'Hello?' I start, my voice sounding muffled as I turn, trying to find some sort of light through the darkness. I heard scraping feet several feet away as I went to speak again. Icy terror ran down my back as a staff appeared in my hadn't, much like the physical one Cas made for me.

'You aren't supposed to be here..' something hissed at me, the fog shifting slightly as someone or thing circled me; their dark presence brushing against me. I recoiled at the mental brush, this is something scary. 

'What are you doing to him?' I ask, trying my best to sound strong in my less than advantaged position with the invisible enemy. An icy finger brushed my ear, making me whip round; staff extended and heart beating fast. 

'I'm simply preventing any... sensitive information being let out of our dear friend here,' it cooly replied, as if not bothered about me. As if I wasn't a threat. A leap confidence brightened in my chest. I can defeat him.... but how?

'Well surely such a trained assassin wouldn't simply sing like a bird,' I replied stealthily. 

'True stranger however speaking to hisss son may change things,' it countered. I could feel him getting closer. Wait, if I imagined the staff when I felt in danger... maybe I can have control over elements in this place? I closed my eyes and imagined something small... 

All of a sudden a book came flying out of nowhere, landing onto the unforgiving floor with a giant thump. I smiled. 

'So what are you exactly? Physical being entering from afar or mystical creature, leeching off of people?' I bravely asked. I'm hoping he'll rise to the slight insult. I clutch the staff tightly readying myself for what was about to come. 

'Why little girl? Thinking of ways to defeat me are you? I can tell this is your first time of thisss,' it asked tauntingly, it's belittling tone cutting into my skin. Fire raged in my eyes as I brought the staff down echoing in the space.

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