Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


41. Daddy Issues

Well this got awkward. 

'Do you want to talk about it?' I ask.

'No, I'm gonna alert the guards about the intruder,' he adds briskly before walking out the door. Wow I wondered what happened to them. I tie his father with rope I found at one wall, binding his feet and hands together before picking up my staff, ready to make a move. 

Several moments later Tanderish, the real elf, walks in wearing a blue tunic and darker flowing trousers alongside several guards in dark leather armour and Charles following along in his usual bravado. He seemed surprised at how I managed to keep him arrested. 

'It's my father... I have no clue how he got in but she managed to see through eh Glamour he used to pose as you,' Cas explained to Tanderish, gestured awards the bundle of human that was lying on the floor. The guards roughly pulled him up, his head lulling to one side in his unconsciousness.

'He should wake up in two to three hours,' Caspian added before stepping away letting the guards, Charles, and Tanderish following behind them, smiling at us briefly before adding 'We'll let you know when he wakes up,'.

I take a deep breath as he closes the door before putting my staff down, looking around the workshop for Caspian. I walked through, to find him sat on a sofa with his head buried in his hands. I walk over to him and sat gently on the bed. 

'Are you alright?' I ask, worried. I hear him sniffing a bit, before wiping his face and looking up at me with slightly red eyes. My heart dropped.

'Uh yeah I'm fine,' he brushed off his hands with his trousers and stood up, hiding himself from me. Anxiety catching my throat, I turn his shoulder so that he's looking at me.

'Talk to me? I know you haven't known me long but I can help?' I search his eyes trying to see whether or not he'll let me in on this. Electricity started to crackle between us, tension rising. 

'I'm alright,' he states, giving me a weak smile before turning away from me, shuffling the sheets of paper I wrote on into a neat pile. My heart ached and I tried not to be hurt about this. I turn away, walking through the workshop, casting a glance over my shoulder before walking out. 

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