Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


52. Crack in the Snow globe

I woke up to Tanderish cursing, which in all in was definitely a first for the elf and instantly brought worry to my heart. I looked through bleary eyes over to him by the fireplace, speaking intensely with Caspian.

'You need to tell her this, it'll break her heart to find out too late,' Cas pleaded. His brow was scrunched up and he was biting his lip, running his hand through the brown locks that shone with gold when caught by the firelight. I blushed a little, just looking at his in this way brought a tingle down my spine... he was so dreamy- Wait! Stop being distracted! I cursed myself realising I've missed out the following half of the conversation. 

'.... when she wakes send her to me and I'll explain it all... be on your guard however the wards aren't properly fixed so who know what might be lurking around,' he cautioned before turning around slowly to find me looking at both of them, clutching at the bottom of my shirt. I swallowed the rising lump in my throat. 

'What's wrong?' I asked, my heart starting to beat fast. Caspian came over and squeezed my shoulder.

'I'll be just outside alright?' he whispered before brushing his lips briefly on my forehead before walking out, closing the heavy wooden door carefully behind him on the situation that is now this. 

'Young one please sit down,' Tanderish gestured to the coach I was previously snapping on, my book sat awkwardly on the floor where it must of fallen off of my lap. I picked it up before sitting down to the left of the elf.

'You need to know your true name,' he began, making me nervous. 'But I-' I stuttered. 'I know, we haven't really referred you with your human name, but it's time you knew your true name,' he finished. Why this big reveal? How bad is my name here? I mean my name is kinda dull anyway. 

'Your name is Teresa' he stated. I waited for what seemed an uncomfortable minute. How is this that important?

'The reason I am telling is because we know who helped the assassin break in and well... I don't think you'll be too happy about who,' he paused. The hair on my neck prickled up, my breathing coming up short as I look him directly in the eye.

'Who?' I ask my voice small.

'Your father,' he said. Noise filled my ears. 

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