Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


28. Could this get any better?

The lamps fixed on the vines walls shattered around us, shards of glass scraping along the smooth floor as my anger increased. Everyone flinched and started to find the attacker when the White Witch froze the flying shards and reversed the damage on which I had inflicted. As soon as I felt my anger going down, I looked in horror at my compatriots as I realised what I had released from inside of me.

'So she has got a backbone after all,' smirked Charles, with a hint of a smile.

Everyone looked at me, not with distain but rather with approval. My hands started to shake. How could I not of known about this? How could I do this?? My breathing started become shallow, panic bubbling over.... but I feel it fade away.

'Well then, I guess she needs a bit of training before she helps with the mission,' Tanderish winked at me as excitement bubbled up inside of me. I realised they must of provoked me in order for this... power to activate. Well this is yet another turn in this adventure. Everyone started to filter out, Lorenze giving me a dark look as he plodded past but then Caspian passed me smiling before whispering 'You are more special than you let on,' before walking away.

I took a deep breath and looked up to see only me and Olivia left in the room. She silently gestured to for me to follow her through a newly opened doorway; vines and leaves smoothly re-allotting themselves around each other to form a low archway that led into a light tunnel.

'What- where are we going?' I asked as I followed her into uncertainty.

'In order for you to harness your power and control it, you must go through a series of trails. Ones on which your Mother passed years ago and I'm sure her daughter will follow in her footsteps with ease,' she turned and smiled warmly at me. At least someone is happy about this situation. We turned into a wider room, lower to the one I was in but by judging the weapons on the wall, it had to be a Training Room.

'Stand in the middle,' the White Witch instructed. I moved as she instructed as I could feel my heart beating faster with anticipation. Suddenly an arrow whistled past my ear, making me flinch hard and fall onto the branched ground.

'What are you doing?!' I shout, heart beating faster now. I look around wildly in order to locate her but she wasn't there or.... I roll as another arrow struck the ground where I was.

'Are you trying to kill me?' I gasp, scrambling up into a standing position, panic bubbling up in my throat as I realise what was happening.

Don't think, just act. A voice stated firmly inside my head. I whip around to find out the voice when I catch the staff, Olivia on the other side of it, just as she is about to strike. But I didn't catch it with my hands as the staff floated mid-air.

The Training begins.

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