Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


9. Changes

I woke up screaming as I still feel the blade piercing through my heart. Breathing hard, I wipe away my sweat as I draw my knees to my chest trying to calm my thoughts.

'It was only a dream..' I mumble over and over again as I rock myself back and forth, the bed slightly squeaking underneath my weight. I finally retain control over my breathing and contemplate on what to do. I decided to grab my current book; Ink heart. I found where I left out, with Dust finger finding Maggie's father in the little snowy town they were in. I was soon immersed into the world as hours slipped away from me into the early morning. I have no clue what it's like for other people but for me I feel as if I'm running with the characters themselves, hiding with Liesel in The Book Thief, learning spells with Hermione and so much more; swimming in a sea of words as I get deeper into each adventure. Each book a new dish of narrative I devour every night and I love it.

Looking up several hours later I realised the sun was mounting the sky and I haven't slept a wink more. Sighing I put my book on the night stand and settle down, putting an alarm on for 30 minutes time, as I slip back into the covers.

Outside, a figure moves back into the shadows of the woods.



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