Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


42. Caspian's Troubles

(This chapter is from Caspian's Point of View) 

Damn. I watched her walk out the door my tears threatening to fall as I realised that I've hurt her by pushing her away. I sat down on my bed, dust floating around me as I bury my head in my hands in regret, biting back the sobs. I never thought my dad would come back to haunt me here, not like this.

When I was a child, I lived with my Mother and Father in the Castle Keep that I am against now. We were the Royal Blacksmith's and were the pride and joy of all the land. Cheesy I know but my father was talented in creating strong furnishings and cell bars, not easily broken out of whilst my mother experimented with delicate lamps, decorative fixtures and even some glass blowing on which hangs from the ceiling of the great hall until this very day. 

We were happy, I would run errands for Father, getting materials and delivering Iron requests from the King himself. The was before the whole resistance started and the Princess still young to not fall in love with the Stable Boy. 

One night, our workshop caught fire. Luckily it was a standalone building and we lived behind in in our stone cottage but I woke up to smoke clouding my room, making my eyes streams I stumbled out of the house screaming for my parents. Rubbing my eyes, I stand in front of the blazing workshop I saw a black outline of a figure... 

'Cas run!' My father rounded the corner, pulling me away from the fire but I pointed towards the figure.

'Someone's in there!' I shout/cough as the smoke thickens. 

'Stay here!' he says, looking at me with determined eyes, he runs towards the embers of the door, vaulting into the fire. My heart plummeted. Where was Mother? I start walking around the building, shouting her name, hoping she was outside of it. 

A loud crack echoed across the courtyard and light came on over the courtyard as the rest f the castle started to wake. I looked back to the inferno to see Father stumbling out of the back, coughing and covered in black. I ran over to him. 

'Where is she??' I ask, anxiety bubbling up in me. He only looked at me and shook his head once, clutching his left arm which was burnt, the skin marred and twisted. My heart dropped. At that point soldiers swarmed the area, armed with buckets of water to try douse the fire.

After that things were never the same, the King himself offered us money to replace on what we lost but Father never fully put himself into his work. He darkened, sadness filled his work and soon his handiwork wasn't strong enough for anything. In the end I ran away on which Tanderish found me crying in the dark forest, took  me in and raised me in what would become the Resistance. 

Forcing myself to breathe, I stood up from my bed and furiously wiped away my tears. I took a deep breath. It's time I spoke to my Father. 

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