Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two. And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


38. Awkwardness

I gingerly look back at his wax papers, glowing in the light. 

'Hm, so what are you working on here?' I point to his sketches of what looks to be a cloak. I let my hair hang between us, covering my red cheeks. Why is this happening? I should be focusing on saving mum, not on... guys. I don't even know what will happen tomorrow let alone what happens when we rescue Mum.  

'I uh it's something that will help hide people on stealth missions,' he stammers. I look closer to his calculations and actually recognise the style of equations... it was like the Chemistry reaction equations in School but more advanced...

'Have you worked out how to do it?' I ask, intrigued by the scientific mystery in the papers before me.

'Well uh, I haven't quite perfected it yet I mean..' he shrugs in defeat.

'These equations are a lot like what I used to do ins school in my world, I think I can help you,' I looked up at him from a cross the table, excitement bubbling up in me as i realised I could finally properly help in this operation. Caspian looked surprised at me, at the fact that I know this science and engineering. 

'What?' I ask, confused at his reaction. 

' Well I hate to say it but there's more to you than meets the eye... I didn't expect you to be this knowledgable..,' he looks away awkwardly.

'Why didn't you?' I ask, anger slightly stirring. 

'Well because not many girl- women know of this stuff and well really-' 

'What?' I prepared myself for what I expected him to say. I am determined not to be put down in this world.

'It's great that in your world that it's more qual,' he finishes, smiling at me. Wow, this completely turned out different to what I thought was gonna happen. Warmth spread through me as I realised Caspian understood me more than I ever thought someone would. I looked back down at the papers to avoid another awkward moment.

'Do you want to help me finish it right now?' he asked, excitement in his voice. I looked up at him.

'Let's do this,' I smile back as I get a pencil and set to work. It wasn't quite as glamorous as the movie sequences as we worked several hours on differing materials Cas has in his lab, correcting and re correcting each equation until we finally got it. We were both so immersed into our invention that someone actually brought us food from the hall. 

After several more hours into the final prototype, baking the garment into this faerie sort of fire to add the finishing touches, I look up from my page of pother designs to find my eyes sore and aching. I look over to Caspian. 

'What time is it?' I ask yawning. I pull my hair out of the ponytail, smoothing down the frizzing baby hairs. 

'5 in the morning,' he replies from the seat next to the fire. I look over to see him with his eyes closed, shirt sleeves creased and pushed up to reveal his forearms. 

Wait... there's a council meeting in 3 hours?! I completely forgot!


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