Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


21. All's Out

'Yes she's alive,' Hester answered.

'So that thief..' I trailed off. The man looked up, his eyes flashing at the mention.

'Your mum asked him to portal to your world and retrieve you + your father so you could all reunite after the many long years,' Hester continued, oblivious to the man's sharp reaction. I couldn't believe it. My mother. Alive.

'Wait how come it's taken her so long?' I ask. Why hasn't she contacted me sooner? All those years I've spent so lonely because of dad so lost in his work. Tears sprang to my eyes. My mind started to slip into a pit of despair as emotions swirled inside of me.

'Portaling takes a certain amount of energy to use so we use the moon and other ingredients in order to perform it,' Hester explained.

'The reason why it took so long is because your mother was in hiding; she had to gather each important ingredient carefully to not raise suspicion of the King or any of his followers,' She finished. It all started to make sense now. The gaping hole in my chest started to hurt less as I imagine her collecting all of these ingredients to try find me and my dad.

'Why didn't she come in person then?' I asked the stranger. Why wasn't she here now?

'She was captured by the King's guards as someone close to her tipped him off on the portaling. So the thief was the reserve in case anything happened to her,' He explained gravely.

'Will she be okay? In the castle?' I asked, heart pounding.

'Who knows,' Hester replied quietly. This wasn't good.

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