Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


13. A Memory?

Sunlight danced on the grass as I ran through it to get the knarled tree at the end. It seemed bigger but friendlier somehow.

'I'm safe!' I shout after me, just as Dad comes up behind me.

'Oh dammit for goodness sake,' he grumbled with a smile on his face. I giggle as I see mum creeping up behind him, making silly faces at his back.

He turned around and caught her, laughing as they both fell to the ground. They kissed as I jumped onto both of them, laughing.

'I got you!!' I squealed as I landed on both of them.

'Well done sweetie you did,' mum said smiling at me as she put her arms around my body pulling me closer. Dad said something, but the noise was cancelled out as the scene started to fade. I heard another voice.. drawing me back to the present.

'Wake up!' My eyes shot open just as water was thrown over me. I sat bolt right up as I try to find the person who watered me. Ha. Peering into the gloom, I could make out grey shapes in the room I am being held; a figure sat in the corner. The floor was strewn with straw, a musty smell filled my nose, a filtered light falling onto me from above. I suddenly realised that my movement is restricted; my hands bound with rope behind my back, chafing the skin. My breath wavering, I stared at the gloomy figure heart pounding.

'Who are you?!' I ask determined. The figure stood up, slowly sauntering over to where I was sat. As they got to the light, I gasped as I saw the person's face.

'The question is my dear.... who are you?' the stranger wheezed in reply. I sat dumbfounded.

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