Never a Choice

I never thought my life would end up being a fairy tale, well hey it definitely has a plot twist or two.
And in the end I finally got my Prince Charming.


56. A Darkness in the Mind

The crack echoed violently throughout the avoid; filling it up as if it was a small room as my staff hit the evil creature. I forced it back to wherever it belonged. Whoever sent it will get a nasty prize indeed.

The creature squealed and hissed with dismay as I filled the traitor's mind with light, emitting it from my staff as I tried to reverse the damage done to his mind. Pushing as hard as I could I concentrated with every inch of my being to fold the darkness to it's focus point. On which Cas' dad lay, hunched over and quivering. He looked up in the growing light and as he saw me, the darkness cracked away like a lightning bolt. 

I left the staff drift away into nothingness as it previous was and helped him up. He looked at me with wide eyes, as if seeing a ghost. 

'You're welcome,' I said with a cold voice before my vision fading. I was going back to reality.

I woke up on the stone floor gasping, suddenly feeling heavier and well more... solid. Tanderish looked me over with curiosity. 

'How are you feeling?' he asks, with caution in his tone.

'Uh good I guess? Little freaked out about what just happened a minute ago...' I trailed off, realising how weird of an experience I just went through. It's a never ending loop of more surprises. 

'Good, thank goodness you didn't lose I was worried he'd have effected you,' Tanderish sighed in relief. He looks over to Caspian's father, who's starting to look a little more alive and less frothing at the mouth. 

Little pissed at him, I stood up and took my staff to my side. 

'Well it's not the first dark creature I've faced,' I said firmly. 'Just warn me next time before chucking me into unknown territory,' I finished before walking out of the dungeon without looking back. 

'You need to treat her with more respect you know,' Olivia scolded from the shadows. 'She's proved more than her worth in the last month whilst most wouldn't be able to deal with this situation,' she walked over to Tanderish. 

'I know.... We should maybe do something in her honour... it has been hard,' Tanderish said softly. At this point, the traitor started to groan, waking up from his nightmare. 'We'd better get to work,' he said grimly. 

I stormed through the halls, the anger building to almost boiling point as I realised how in. danger I could of been from that creature. As I got to the Library, I heard crashing, with the sound of books falling. My blood ran cold. This can't be good. 

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