Not The Real Me

One night Melanie Parks was at a party with her friend and she ran into Harry Styles. Soon enough they became good friends and later Harry told her he had feelings for her. Melanie didn't feel the same way, she felt that way about Louis. Melanie felt bad so she sent her twin sister, Maddie to hang around with Harry. Maddie fell hard for Harry. But what happens if Harry finds out that Maddie isn't who he thinks she is?


6. Chapter 5

*Maddie's POV*

Harry and I were at a private lake, he said his aunt owned it. It was deserted but it was nice. Harry had set up a picnic.

"Wow. This is really nice" I said looking at his delicate yet beautiful face.

"Thanks, I didn't do it on my own thought Eleanor helped me" he said and wrapped his arm around my waist and we walked to a blanket he set up.

"I am going to have to meet the boys and Eleanor someday" I said

"Maybe in a few days, but I like it when it's just you and I hanging out" he said and his cheeks turned a pink shade. I laughed and leaned against his chest and the sun was setting. It was perfect.

"Do you want chocolate covered strawberries?" He said and I nodded into his chest but pulled away.

"Here" he said and gave me one. I ate it and mhmm it was delicious. Just as he was about to take a bite into his strawberry I grabbed it.

"Hey!" He scolded me.

"Hey!" I mimicked him and he laughed then gave me a pouty face. I laughed lightly.

"If you want it your going to have to catch it in your mouth" I said and he opened his mouth. I tossed it and he missed. I kept going till finally after 6 tries he got it.

"It took you long enough" I teased but he didn't hint that in my voice.

"I'll get you for that" and he gave me a mysterious look and quickly was taking off his shirt.

"Woaah didn't need to see that" I said and covered my eyes suddenly he was picking me up and I realized that his revenge was taking me in the water.

"HARRY STYLES PUT ME DOWN!!" I squeaked and kicked but it was no use and we were in the water. I pouted because now I was all wet and I had been wearing my cover up and I had no extra clothes with me.

"Harry I have no extra clothes" I said and made my eyes look watery. Harry his fell and he wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sorry baby girl" he said. Baby girl? That was a new nickname. What Harry didn't realize was Maddie was always up for revenge. I Pulled away and quickly splashed him.

"Oh it's on!" He said and I ran away from him but the water slowed me down. He grabbed my waist and dropped me with his arms around me into the water. I screeched and splashed the water onto his head.

"Melanie!!" He scolded and he fell deeper into the water, pulling me down with him. When we came Harry cradled my face. And he went in and softly kissed me. Harry was my first kiss! But not Melanie's😔. After a few seconds he pulled away and wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Come on" he said and we slowly started walking towards the shore. Once we got to the car I was shivering and Harry looked at me worried.

"Hey I'm sorry I didn't realize that, that couldn't get wet here" he handed me a sweatshirt from the back seat, it was just plain navy blue.

"Thanks" I said and smiled like a geek.

"Your welcome" he said while I slipped on the sweatshirt. The car ride was silent all the way home but I was leaning again Harry and drifted to sleep. About 20 minutes later Harry woke me up.

"Hey were at your house" he said in a sweet tone and I groaned.

"Babe come on it's 9" and I slowly for up.

"Thanks for taking me I had a great time again" I said and gave him a small smile. I went to take his sweatshirt off but Harry stopped me.

"Keep it" he said and kissed me again.

"Night Harry" I said after.

"Night Melanie" he said and I got out and headed into the house. My dad was asleep on the coach while the kitchen light was on. I smiled and I went to turn off the light but found my mom.

"Oh hey mom" I said

"Where have you been?!" She sounded mad and worried.

" I was with my friend sorry my phone died" I said

"Just next time let me know" she sighed

"Ok mom night" I said and went upstairs. I went to Melanie's room and knocked because the door was closed. No answer so I opened it and no on was there. I silently made my way to my torn and changed into shorts and a sports bra but put Harry's sweatshirt back on. I fell asleep practically inhaling his sweatshirt.

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