Not The Real Me

One night Melanie Parks was at a party with her friend and she ran into Harry Styles. Soon enough they became good friends and later Harry told her he had feelings for her. Melanie didn't feel the same way, she felt that way about Louis. Melanie felt bad so she sent her twin sister, Maddie to hang around with Harry. Maddie fell hard for Harry. But what happens if Harry finds out that Maddie isn't who he thinks she is?


4. Chapter 3

Melanie had made me look like an exact replica of her. Not like I didn't before besides that I had my own clothes before. I was wearing a white dress with a brown belt and matching brown boots. Then Melanie straightened my hair. Then I had to wear foundation, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

"Their now you look like me" she said

"How am I supposed to pull this off?" I said.

"Ok I'll tell you the basics. First his name is Harry styles and is in one direction. And your Melanie as in me and I'm still a virgin and you know everything else" she said.

"Not really but..." I got cut off.

"You'll be fine, he'll be here any minute" she said and started squealing and she got me a purse and put my stuff in it.

"Here but i expect that back when you get back" she instructed.

"I wouldn't want to keep it" I said and practiced walking like Melanie.

"What are you doing??" Melanie asked and started laughing.

"Trying to walk like you" i said.

"I don't walk like a flamingo" she said and we both laughed. All of a sudden we heard a beep of a car.

"That's for you, remember your Melanie good luck" she said and pushed me out the door. I started to walk towards the silver BMW that sat in front only my driveway.

"Hey" Harry greeted me and with a kiss on the cheek.

"Hi" I breathed and he smelt delicious. Like baby powder and some kind of body odor.

"You ok their?" Harry asked and I snapped out of my trance.

"Yeah you just smell really good" I said and covered my mouth. Crap, crap! I'm supposed to sound like Melanie, not a retard.

"Thanks ha, you look really nice as usual" he said and smirked a beautiful smile.

"Thanks" I smiled.

"Anything for you" he said and took my hand.

"So, where are we going?" I asked.

"I was thinking the park for our offical first date and hit Starbucks" he said and looked at me for reinsurance. But the truth was I didn't like coffee, but Melanie did. Think like she would. I instructed myself.

"Sounds good!" I said a little to cheery. And Harry laughed.

Finally we got to the park. Their were little kids running around and dogs with their owners and old people just trying to enjoy a nice stroll. Harry and I ran to catch some swings. We talked and it felt nice but I had to speak as if I were actually Melanie.

"I'm surprised your surrounded by fans right now" I giggled at him.

"We'll you can't really tell it's me, can you?" He asked and I looked at his appearance. He was wearing shorts, a sweatshirt with his hood up, sunglasses, a hat, and some vans.

"Not really, more like a typical teenager and I like it that way no offense to you" I said wishing I never said that.

"None taken, I wish it was like this all the time sometimes but I love my fans"

"I understand that" I said and thinking what it would be like to be a international super star. Harry broke me out of my trance and took my hand and we started swinging back and fourth, like little kids and it was fun. Melanie and I used to do this... I miss the old days. I miss the old Melanie.

"Hey are you ok Mel?" Harry asked with a concerned look.

"Who?? Oh yeah I'm fine" I said and gave him a little smile.

"I think the heat is getting to you, want to go to Starbucks?" He asked.

"Suure!" I said. Typical white girl status as Melanie calls it.

Once we were inside Starbucks. Harry had me order first and I didn't know what to order because I know I hated coffee and would probably be sick. That's what always happens.

"Uhm could I get a small caramel latte with 2 creams and 2 sugars please?" I asked.

"Yes is that it?" The lady asked. I looked at Harry.

"Uhm no, go ahead" I told Harry. He ordered the same thing as me.

"Ok names please" the lady asked.

"Maddie and Harr" I stopped myself and realized I had said my real name.

"Maddie?" Harry asked.

"Uh yeah that's what.. all normal teenagers have is a nick name for their star bucks" I said and Harry seemed to believe it.

"Oh ok we'll then Maddie and Harry please" he said and smiled at me and took my hand and squeezed it. Harry paid for us and we went to find a seat together.

"Thanks for paying for me" I said.

"No problem, and it that latte any good?" He asked. Honestly I didn't know.

"Uhm yeah it's the best, at least for me! One of a kind" I said.

"Oh ok good because I wanted to try something new" Harry replied and I felt bad because I lied to Harry.

"Harry to be honest I have never had Starbucks" I said.

"What?? I thought you came here a lot??"

"We'll I do come here a lot with friends but I don't usually get anything because... I don't like people paying for me" I said. Great one Maddie, you told the truth but another lie came out. Ugh what have I gotten myself into?

Finally our drinks came and Harry and I tried it together. To Be honest it wasn't that bad. Harry and I drank it together and after he took me home.

"Thanks for bringing me, I really had fun" I said and smiled.

"No problem we should hang out in a few days I'll text you ok?" He smiled a cheeky smile.

"Ok" I said and blushed and he kissed my cheek and hugged me.

"bye" I said

"Bye beautiful" he said and pulled away. I ran inside the house and found Melanie with Louis. I quickly turned the corner to the basement door. Melanie had saw me and Louis almost did.

"Hold on Lou I have to use the bathroom" she said and headed my way. And turned and pulled me into the basement.

"What are you doing?!" She demanded.

"Uhm just got back for your date, the question is what are you doing?!" I said louder then expected.

"Trying to get Louis to like me, duh!"

"We'll what if Louis finds that Harry had a date with Melanie as the same time that louis did?!" I said angrily.

"Madds chill I'm not doing it often and plus if they do find out the blame will be on me and they won't find out now hush and I'll distract Louis while you sneak upstairs, and FYI I gave Harry your number not mine so be wise" she said kissed my cheek and motioned for me to follow. Who has she turned into?

"Ok in back and hey come here I want to show you something" Melanie said and headed into the kitchen while I darted upstairs. I shut my door and locked it. I quickly took off the stupid dress and shoes and changed into sweat pants and a baggy sweatshirt. That's more like me. I took one of my books off my book shelf and laid in bed trying to loose myself in the book. But Harry and his smile kept coming into mind. Finally I couldn't take it and I drifted off to sleep thinking off my day with him. Man, was he gorgeous.

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