Not The Real Me

One night Melanie Parks was at a party with her friend and she ran into Harry Styles. Soon enough they became good friends and later Harry told her he had feelings for her. Melanie didn't feel the same way, she felt that way about Louis. Melanie felt bad so she sent her twin sister, Maddie to hang around with Harry. Maddie fell hard for Harry. But what happens if Harry finds out that Maddie isn't who he thinks she is?


13. Chapter 11

Maddie's POV

I was packing for school. This time I only had to go back for a week. I have to admit I would miss Harry but it's only a week. I sighed as I threw my school uniforms in. Yes, were on a dress code. Not fun but it's worth it. Anyways after I packed I went to find food not expecting anyone, I was wearing sweatpants and Harry's sweatshirt😍😏. It still smelt like him faded. Once I had settled for chicken noodle soup and nuzzled on the couch watching tv, of course someone knocked. I groaned.

"Coming!" I shouted. When I opened the door, I found Harry.

"Oh hey" he said and he looked at my outfit. Yikes, this wasn't something Melanie would wear. I said the first thing that came to my mind.

"It's my bumming it day" I said.

"Bumming it day?" Harry said and laughed a bit after.

"Yeah I have it once every two weeks, you know sometimes I need a break from all that beauty and make up" speaking of make up I wasn't wearing make up either. Yikes, I'm a mess!

"I like you looking like this, you look good" he said and smiled at me. I blushed.

"Thanks, would you like to come in?" I asked changing the topic.

"Sure, thanks" he said and came and went toward the couch. I shut the door and followed Harry.

"So what's up?" I asked and sat next to him. I leaned on my arm.

"I just miss you and wanted to show you something" he said and smiled at the idea in his mind.

"What is it?" I asked excitedly like Melanie would.

"Woah, go change princess, I know you won't go like that into public" he said and I laughed.

"Ok" I said and skipped up the stairs. I went into Melanie's room and picked out. A pink v- neck dress and settled with some black sandals. I quickly brushed my hair and put it half up- half down and put on my usual make up. I went downstairs and Harry stared at me.

"Watcha looking at?" I giggled.

"Nothing" he said and shut his mouth. "Uhm come on" he continued and headed towards the door without another word. I followed and locked the door behind us and followed to his silver truck. I swear he had a different car every day. We drove in silence and a few times I stole a glance at him and he looked nervous and he was sweating like heck. I sat their and didn't know what to do. Finally, we arrived at the park??... Harry and I got out and he retrieved a guitar from the back and took my hand and we headed hand in hand towards a bench. He sat us down.

"Ok so you have made me crazy lately and I can't stop thinking about you and so I kind of created a song for you but the boys helped me with it" he said and started to sing. After he finished he said the song was called "Little Things". I began to tear up.

"You don't like it?" He frowned.

"No! I love it, it's just no one has never done that for me before" I said and then I remembered the song was for Melanie not me. I instantly turned from a mess into depressed but tried acting like I was happy crying about it.

"Thank you Harry" i said and he smiled and leaned into to kiss me. Our lips were intertwined for about 4 seconds and my eyes were closed and then they opened because I saw flashes and people yelling. Harry pulled away and he turned to see the paparazzi. I frowned and he quickly told me to follow him.

"This way" he motioned away from them. Had Harry set me up? After about 15 minutes we were safe back in his truck.

"Are you ok?" He asked me in a tone I couldn't define.

"I'm fine" I snapped.

"Melanie what's wrong?!" He asked.

"Did you set that up?" I asked and I turned into angry tears.

"No of course not! You think I'm that kind of person!" He started yelling at me. And I hated being yelled at.

"Don't you dare yell at me!" I dared to yell back so I did.

"We'll your making me by accusing me of something I didn't do!, I would never do that to you!" He yelled angrily.

"I doubt that, all your probably want is your stupid publicity to get more famous!!" I screamed violently. Pain filled my body and hurt. It took Harry a minute to regain his patience but ended up worse than before.

"If you think I'm freaking doing this for publicity then get out!!! I just pored my heart out to you and your reject me! You want something for publicity" the paparazzi were surrounding his car now, taking pictures but he had ignored me and slapped my face. That was it.

"You hit me..." I cupped my cheek and it stung. Reality hit Harry and he turned from angry to sympathetic.

"Oh my gosh Melanie I'm so sorry" he said and reached towards me but I slapped him away.

"Don't freaking touch me and don't ever come near me again or my family" I said sternly and opened the door and slid out. I slammed the door and paparazzi surrounded me and asked questions. What just happenend? Are you and Harry together? Does he abuse you? I ignored the questions and heard a door slam shut and saw Harry get out. I quickly pushed through the crowd of paparazzi and ran home. The day turned into darkness and he had brushed my eye when he slapped me and my eye began to swell. I wandered around through alley ways and couldn't find where to go. I had left my phone at home, the one time I needed it. Crap. I heard noises around me and got scared. About ten minutes later a gang of guys had gathered around me.

"Hey princess want to show off?" One asked

"Yeah just a peek" one said and winked and they headed toward me. They tore half of my dress and and i screamed. One of them kicked me and I fell on the ground.

"HELP!!!!!" I got that out and then I was on the ground bejng tackled. All of a sudden I heard shouts and the gang running away. I heard sirens and I quickly stumbled to my feet and headed to a bar. I went inside and sat down at the bar. It smelt like beer and sweat. My dress was badly torn and exposed some of my skin. Someone tapped my shoulder and that made me wince.

"Hey are you ok?" A guy about 6'2, broad shoulders, brown eyes, black buzz cut hair and tan skin asked me.

"Yeah I'm fine" I shuttered.

"Hey let me help you please? I promise I won't hurt you" he said and I really needed help. I nodded and he gently wrapped his arms around me.

"Come on" he cooed and he smelt like fresh coffee. I don't know why but it kind of comforted me. Once we were safely in his car I fell into a deep sleep.

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