Not The Real Me

One night Melanie Parks was at a party with her friend and she ran into Harry Styles. Soon enough they became good friends and later Harry told her he had feelings for her. Melanie didn't feel the same way, she felt that way about Louis. Melanie felt bad so she sent her twin sister, Maddie to hang around with Harry. Maddie fell hard for Harry. But what happens if Harry finds out that Maddie isn't who he thinks she is?


2. Chapter 1

*Melanie's POV*

"Come on Melanie, it's one drink and party" my best friend Kelly was trying to convince me to go to a party.

"Alright fine" I said and gave in.

"Yess time to party and find some guys" Kelly screamed and dragged me upstairs to my room.

"Could you guys keep it down, I am trying to study for my test tomorrow" screamed my twin sister, Maddie. Here is the thing. Maddie and I are identical twins but total opposites. Were both 17 and she is the smart one, doesn't like parties, more caring while I am the wild one.

"Go in the other room" I shouted to her. And rolled my eyes as Kelly rummaged through my closet.

"Actually Mel I have an idea" she said and bolted to Maddie's room.

"What are you doing Kelly?" I said annoyed.

"Maddieee open the door" Kelly sang and we heard footsteps and the door click. I followed Kelly inside to Maddie's purple colored room.

"Tonight Mel and I are going to a party, want to join?" Kelly tried to sound convincing. A laugh came from me.

"Nice try Kelly but Maddie won't ever try a party, she's to busy with her studies" I said and rolled my eyes while looking over at Maddie's textbooks.

"Exactly plus this is finals and I can't fail this" Maddie said and fixed her braid into a pony tail.

I snorted to myself and grabbed Kelly's wrist and started to drag her out of Maddie's room.

"Catch you later party pooper!" I shouted to Maddie and slammed her door shut.

"What was that all about?" I asked Kelly as she headed back to my closest.

"Oh I just thought we should ask because let's face it she wasn't going to budge either but it was worth a shot" Kelly said and continued "here put this on, you'll look more sexier for the guys" she tossed me a blue colored dress and winked.

I headed to my bathroom. I stripped and stepped into the little blue dress that went up a little further then my knees. It was a dark blue with black lacing in the back. I pulled my blonde hair out in the back and put on my makeup. I curled my hair so it looked wavy and finally satisfied and stepped out of the bathroom. Kelly looked at me and whistled and now she was wearing a black high skirt that was way to short with a pink laced top and high heels. She tossed me some black sandals.

"Now let's go get them" she said and grabbed her purse and we headed out.

Once we got to the party, it was packed. Drunk people were in the yard and the house. Someone almost knocked me over and "sorry" they slurred but before I could reply Kelly was pulling me through the crowd.

"I'll get us some shots" she said and even though I didn't think it was a good idea, Maddie appeared in my mind and I didn't want to end up like her. Kelly returned and handed me a cup with a dark liquid in it. I began to drink and soon I became like everyone else in the crowd. Empty and waiting to be wasted.

Kelly and I were dancing to the song "First Let Me Take A Selfie" and drinking when two guys came up to us. A blonde and a brunet. The blonde went to Kelly while the brunet started dancing with me.

"What's you name" he asked.

"Melanie, what's yours??" I said and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Harry, nice to meet you" he said and smirked.

"Nice to meet you too" i said and wrapped my arms around his neck while dancing. He didn't look fully drunk.

"Want to take this somewhere else?" He asked and people started getting close to us and I nodded. Harry lead me up a flight of stairs and he went to a door at the end of the hallway. It was a bedroom and he shut the door and turned to kiss me. We started making out and he went to take off my shirt, when I stopped him.

"Harry.... I....I can't I'm still a virgin" I said nervously and he looked at me like I was speaking a different language.

"I'm.. I'm sorry" I said and got up and went to walk out, but he grabbed my hand.

"Hey it's ok, don't go I want you to stay" his eyes turned gentle.

"But..but..." I meant to finish but he cut me off by kissing me softly. After a minute or so we just laid down on the bed and we talked till we fell asleep. And I realized that I might be falling for Harry. Or maybe not.

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