The Flight That Nobody Forgot

Thomas Jeffries, a young scotsman boards a transatlantic flight to meet his fiancé in Miami. The plane falls out of the sky, and Thomas must find his way to safety, before it is too late.


3. Takeoff

The cabin crew gave the safety demo. The exit doors, oxygen masks, cabin lights and all that jazz. Tom red and re-read the safety card anxiously. Thomas closed his eyes. Minutes passed, although it seemed like hours and eventually, the aeroplane started to taxi. He clutched his armrests. The plane was lined up on the runway, ready to depart. Suddenly, the aircraft shuddered!

"God!" exclaimed Thomas.

He clutched the armrests harder. His heart was beating. There was no way out! The plane started moving, quicker and quicker and quicker! Before he knew it they were in the air, but he didn't stop panicking. The captain turned on the microphone.

"Hello everybody, we are now at cruising altitude, the on board food and drink service will now be coming round, serving a variety of hot and cold drinks and snacks."

Tom ordered a beer from the flight attendant, or as he called them "trolley dollies." He was beginning to calm down. It was quite peaceful, but not for long.

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