The Flight That Nobody Forgot

Thomas Jeffries, a young scotsman boards a transatlantic flight to meet his fiancé in Miami. The plane falls out of the sky, and Thomas must find his way to safety, before it is too late.


6. Land!

Tom found anything and everything you could think of, he pulled out a warm bacon baguette, unwrapped the foil and started eating it. He didn't care that you weren't supposed to eat before swimming. He was determined to survive the tragedy. After finishing, he let the wrapping sink to the bottom of the ocean. A small object caught his eye. He had to get a closer look. "Oh my god!" Was he just hallucinating, or was he actually seeing this correctly?

There it was, a small, desert island. He swam towards it. And after 10 minutes or so, climbed onto the beach. No sign of civilisation. This would be a fight to survive. The wreckage of the plane floated towards the shore, as did the trolley of food. Tom pulled the trolley onto the shore. This was probably enough to survive for a week or so. He explored the island to find a place to sleep, he settled under a palm tree and sat down.

It would be a long week.

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