The Flight That Nobody Forgot

Thomas Jeffries, a young scotsman boards a transatlantic flight to meet his fiancé in Miami. The plane falls out of the sky, and Thomas must find his way to safety, before it is too late.


5. Feeling Faint

Thomas started to regain consciousness. He found himself floating in freezing cold water. He stayed completely still, and could not believe what had just happened to him. Had he actually just survived a plane crash? Had he?

He turned himself upright and swam around a bit. There were ice chunks floating in the water and pieces of broken plane everywhere. Tom called out for help.

"Hello, is anybody there?" There was no answer. "HELLO?" Still no answer. He swam around more. Pieces of the orange and blue fuselage covered the ocean and the bright yellow letters of "FLORIDA AIRWAYS"

A helicopter flew overhead. Thomas waved his arms and screamed but it just flew away. He sobbed. He thought that he would never get out of that freezing hellhole. Tom thought back to when he was a young boy in the scouts. "Well, let's see, you need food and water to survive." He went over to the wreckage to look for some. There, was a flight attendant's trolley, still intact.

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