The Flight That Nobody Forgot

Thomas Jeffries, a young scotsman boards a transatlantic flight to meet his fiancé in Miami. The plane falls out of the sky, and Thomas must find his way to safety, before it is too late.


2. Boarding

Thomas heard the woman on the microphone. "Florida Airways Flight 1267 is now boarding at gate 62B!" He stood up. His body was trembling. Slowly, he made his way from the pub, across the terminal, up the escalator and to the gate. Around 200 passengers men, women and children were lined up. Pushing and shoving through, one by one they boarded the 767. Thomas joined the end of the queue. Showed the woman at the desk his boarding pass and passport and creeped along the air-bridge. He panicked and started to think what might happen on the plane.

What if there's a bomb? What if a window blows off? "No, you're going here to relax and that's what you'll do!" He found his economy-plus seat and sat down. Two women sat down in the seats next to him but Thomas just decided to close his eyes and keep quiet. About 10 minutes passed. The captain came in on the loudspeaker.

"Good afternoon this is your captain speaking, welcome to this transatlantic flight from Prestwick to Miami via JFK. Weather in Florida is currently quite sunny at 26 degrees Celsius."

Tom pulled out his phone. Made one final text to Kate...

"I love you."

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