Meeting him (slow updates)

Kat finds out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She meets her sister and she's that she goes through the same pain. Kat also meets one direction and her life gets better than it was


3. in the hospital with Liam and Louis

Niall's Pov

When Harry said Liam was in hospital I ran upstairs grabbed a pair of shoes and ran out the door and sat in the car till the others came. They came out slowly and got into the car, Louis and Kat got into his car and drove but it wasn't the way to the hospital. "Where are they going" I asked "no idea Niallar" Zayn said. I texted Louis,

N- where ya going

L- just gonna tie up some loose ends, I'll b at the hospital soon

N- promise

L- I promise Niallar

With that I stopped texting.

Louis' Pov

I knew why Liam went out and didn't come back because my mate told me that Liam stole his girlfriend and Liam is gonna pay. I decided not to go to the hospital because I didn't want to and I needed to start packing. "Babe are you ok" Kat asked "yep never better" I said turning on the radio. I stopped outside a house and told Kat to stay there and if I didn't come back out call Zayn. I walked into my mates house and we started to talk then I asked him why he had bet Liam up he told me he deserved it and he bet me up.

Kat's Pov

**20 minutes later**

Louis hasn't come back out of the house then I saw a figure carry a large bag over his shoulders so I decided to follow then the man stopped at a river bank an took Louis out of the bag and laid him beside the river and left. I called Zayn and told him to track my my phone and to hurry.

**5 minutes later**

Zayn arrived alone and helped me carry Louis into his car. "will he be okay" i asked Zayn "i don't know kat" he answered quietly. i drove to the hospital in Louis' car with Zayn following, we decided to go to a different hospital than liam because the boys will just ask questions and so will the fans. we arrived at the hospital and Zayn carried Louis into the hospital while i went in and asked for help. a women who knew me (who i couldn't remember), she brought us to a room and she said "a doctor will be here soon". after a while Zayn got a phone-call "i got to go Kat harry needs help controlling Niall because he wants to go and see liam but the doctors wont allow him. (Niam moment :') ). "sure just don't tell them that Louis is in hospital" i told him trying not to cry. "Don't cry love, will i ask Perrie to come and keep you company" Zayn asked, i nodded and he called Perrie then told me she's on her way. 

Zayn's Pov 

i waited till Perrie got here and then i left, i got into my car and i remembered that Louis had a mate who killed a girl then i remember the phone-call that Louis got and how he left for a few hours and returned home with a black eye and a bloody face. when i arrived at the hospital Liam was at, Niall was outside in the rain. "Ni, you okay" i asked him, "no, Liam has gone to...." he started to say but broke off, "where Niall" i said wiping the tears on his face. "surgery" he squeaked. shit its worse than i thought "c'mon Niall, lets go see harry" i said and i let him on my back. "you have to tell me what level harry is on" i told him but he remained quiet. "Niall you have to tell me" finally he pressed the button for me and i gave him  a hug. when the lift stopped and the doors opened Niall jumped on my back again and i started to shake so that Niall would laugh. he started to laugh and we made it to Liam's room and liam was on the bed. "Ni be careful, he's only just back" harry said Niall nodded and sat beside liam. harry whispered something to me but i didn't hear it. "Haz what did ya say" i asked "Louis isn't answering his phone and i'm worried about him" he told me. "Haz I'm sure he's okay" i said and then my phone rang. 


Zayn~ hello

Kat ~ hi Zayn, you need to get over here now

Zayn~ okay 

Kat~ just hur..... 

Zayn~ Kat 

Perrie~ babe hurry

and the phone-call ended "harry i have to go and see Perrie ill be back later, will you be okay" i said "yea Niall fell asleep" i walked out of the hospital and got into my car and drove to the hospital where Louis is. when i got there Louis was gone "what's going on" i asked "his vitals are going down and he had to go to emergency surgery. i think we need to tell the others" Perrie said. "okay, ill call harry" i said and dialed his number 


Zayn~ hello 

Harry~ hey mate 

Zayn~ i have something to tell you 

Harry~ what is it 

Zayn~ Louis is in hospital and it ain't looking good

Harry~ how

Zayn~ the same guy who beat up liam 

Harry~ really

Zayn~ Louis and him were friends

Harry~ no way

Zayn~ yup 

Harry~ i wont tell Niall yet

Zayn~ okay, talk soon 

Harry~ bye

with that i ended the call. i walked back over to Perrie and Kat and we waited for Lou to come back. while we waited i got a text from harry saying that liam woke up. "liam woke up" i said and then Louis came into the room. "he should wake up soon" the doctor said and left. after a while the girls fell asleep and i saw Louis'  finger move so i woke them and told them what i saw. we all stared at Louis  and saw that his hand moved. i went to get to get the doctor because his heart has stopped. we were told to get out. i decided to go and get some food, "I'm going to get some food i'll be back soon" i said to Perrie because Kat was crying to much. i went to my car and drove off. 

Louis' Pov 

i was lying on a bed but i couldn't wake up, i could hear people talking around me and noticed it was Zayn, Perrie and Kat. then a doctor rushed in and told them to leave, i tried to say no but nothing happened. everything went black. 

Kat's Pov 

the doctor said that we could go back in and see him, so me and Perrie went in. i sat down on the chair beside the bed and someone grabbed my hand, so i looked up and saw that Louis was awake and looking at me. i smiled and he smiled back. Perrie went down to the food court. "hey how you feeling" i asked him and he responded by saying "hi Kat, and i'm good just a bit sore". me and Louis were talking when Zayn walked in. "hey guys, where's Perrie" he asked "food court" i answered. he left but handed handed me some food. after a while the doctor came in and said that Louis could go home so Louis got changed and we went to look for Zayn and Perrie and we found them sleeping in the food court. we tried to be quiet but Louis cried out in pain and woke them up, "Louis what happened" i asked him "nothing im fine" he told me while holding his side. 

Louis' Pov

i hit my side off the door and it really hurts but if i say anything i might have to stay "why don't we go and visit liam" i suggested and we all piled into Zayn's car. it took a while to get to the hospital liam was in because of all the fans. we finally made it to the hospital and i was careful not to let anyone touch my side. Niall saw me and ran towards me and hugged me. "Niall you're hurting me" i said but he didn't hear me. "guys, help me" i shouted and Zayn came over and helped me. Zayyn explained to Niall that i was hurt and he had to be careful. 

Harry's Pov 

we were waiting for liam to wake back up because his heart stopped and the doctors told me it was easier this way. i saw liam's fingers move when liam's girlfriend came in and gave something to Louis  "give that to liam" she said and left. i noticed that Louis put one in his pocket while kept one in his hand. "hey guys" came a voice beside me and i looked over to see that liam was awake. "liam, you okay" Niall asked "yep Niallar" liam said smiling. after  a while the doctor came in and said that liam could go home. i noticed that Zayn and Louis had left the room. 

Zayn's Pov 

i decided to talk to Louis about his mate who bet them up. "i cant tell the police Zayn, he did something to me when i was younger and he made me swear" Louis told me. i was about to say something but he left, i walked back into liam's hospital room. "hey Li" i said as i walked into the room, "hi Zayn where's Lou" he asked me, "i don't know mate " i answer. "hey guys look" harry shouted and we all  saw Louis getting into a car but he wasn't driving. " the person driving looks female" Niall said and we all nodded. then we signed out of the hospital. "can we get something to eat before we go home. i hate hospital food" liam said " sure mate" i said and i heard Niall cheer and everyone laughed heading to my car and went to Nandos. 

Louis' Pov

i texted kat to come and pick me up from the hospital because she went home to get some rest. before i left Zayn i slipped the note for liam hoping he will give it to him. i kept reading the note she gave me it said i better get to Doncaster before its too late. "babe you okay to drive all the way to Doncaster" i asked kat " yea but we'll take turns so we can both get some sleep" she said "okay wake me when you're tired" i told her and went to sleep. At first my sleep was rough but soon i was out cold. 

Kat's Pov 

Louis looked so cute when he sleeps, i wonder if the baby will look like Louis. a few hours i decided to let Louis drive so i gently shook him "babe, can you drive now" i asked "sure babe" he answered. " i have to tell you something" i told him and he looked like something was wrong. i told him that i was pregnant and he was so happy. we swapped seats and i fell asleep. 

Louis' Pov

i decided to call Simon and tell him that i got a note saying that i got to go home before its too late. he said its fine and that he'll the boys. 

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