Meeting him (slow updates)

Kat finds out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She meets her sister and she's that she goes through the same pain. Kat also meets one direction and her life gets better than it was


2. having fun together

Louis' Pov

It's been two weeks since me and Kat started dating and I'm leaving for tour next week and I am asking Paul if Kat can come with me.

Liam's Pov

I seen how much Kat and Louis were in love and it reminded me that I have a girlfriend, so i rang Sophia and asked her if she wanted to come over and she said yes.

Kat's Pov

Louis said that we are meeting outside the studio so he can ask me something. I got Liam to drop me off as he was going to get Sophia. When I arrived at the studio Louis took me to his car and we drove off somewhere, "Louis where are we going" I asked but he just tapped his nose and looked at the road. I hope he tells me some good news. About an hour later Louis finally stopped the car, got out and opened my door. He was being a gentleman and I liked that.

Louis' Pov

I brought Kat to my secret place I found when I was mad at the boys. I put a blindfold on Kat and guided her to an area I set up with a romantic lunch (well me trying to be romantic). When we finally got there I took the blindfold off. "Wow Louis" was all she said and I knew she liked it. After we ate everything i asked her "do you want to come on tour with me" "of course" she said and she kissed me and I kissed back.

Kat's Pov

After Louis asked me, I kissed him and he kissed back it got heated and we ended up doing it. After a while Louis looked at me and said "we better get back or the boys will get suppisous". Yea I replied and we ran back to the car (dressed of course). Another hour passed and we were outside Liam's house we pulled up and saw that all the boys were here. We walked into the house and the boys looked at us "hey guys what you watching" Louis said closing the door. "No idea, Liam left so we say down and waited for him to came back and now I'm hungry" Niall said, typical Niall always hungry. Harry got a phone call and went off to take it, I went into the kitchen and started to make food for Niall and the others, ten minutes later food was ready so I called the boys and we all say down for dinner except (Harry who was on the phone and Liam who wasn't home). Harry came down the stairs and said "Liam is in the hospital".

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