They Didn't Lie, I Just Refused to Believe It

In the end, we're all dirty. This is my reason.


1. No excuses

Madison's pov. I don't care what you think of me. This is me, and I'm proud. Rich or poor. Black or white. Trashy or Classy. Good or bad. It doesn't matter anymore, cause either way it's me. My name is Madison, I'm 16 years old and I'm doing everything I'm supposed to. My grades are good, my attitude is right and my sense of style isn't too showy or trashy. I'm a normal girl with a normal life. I'm from West Virginia, but this weekend I'm moving to London. I'm going to study there for a while so my mom and dad rented a room for me, it's not in a whole house but on the pictures it looked really big and pretty. It's great and I'm so excited. But at the same time I will miss this, the calm with not living in a big city. Everything will change, I know that. And the move is just the beginning.

~Two days later~

"C'mon Maddy! The movers are here!" I hear mom shout from downstairs. This is my last day here in West Virginia. I grab my last things and go downstairs to say goodbye to my mom, dad and my brother, Mason. The mover will drive all my stuff and pack it into the airplane. I hug them all before mom and I goes out to the car to get to the airport. "Are you sure about this?" Mom asks me for like the 700th time today. I nod and looked at her, I saw on her face that she doesn't believe me.

"Trust me mom, I am" I smile at her, she grabs my hand and holds it tight until I said to let go. She starts to laugh and cry at the same time. "Oh mom don't cry, you know you can visit me all the time. okay?" she looks at me and smile.

"okay honey, I will"


Louis pov:

"Harry move your fat ass out of here! The girl who rent the room is coming in a few hours and the room has to be perfect!" Harry sighs and walks out of the room. I look at the room one last time to make sure everything is perfect and then I close the door. "Guys, clean the rest of the house now! It looks like shit," I scream to the boys, and I can hear them all sigh out loud.

"Louis, why does everything have to be perfect? It's just a girl"

"Yeah, Niall, and the girl needs to feel comfortable, so hurry up!" Niall rolls his eyes and mumbles something I can't hear. I start to laugh and gives him a little push in the back. I walk downstairs to start vacuuming the floors and when I'm done I sit down on the couch. I hear the boys in the game room, laughing and then I look at the clock. 3.45 pm. In 15 minutes she will be here. Suddenly the doorbell rings.


Madisons pov:

I look at the clock on the phone, 3.46 pm. I'm a bit early, my mom said to the owner of the house, Louis Tomlinson, that I would be here 4 pm but the trip from the airport to here went a bit faster than she thought. So now I'm standing here alone outside an house I've never been to before with about 10 boxes. Smooth Madison, smooth. I walk to the door and ring the doorbell. All the laughter I've heard from the inside stops and I can hear steps coming closer and then the door opens. "Hi, I'm Madison. I'm supposed to move in here.." I say a bit shyly.

"Of course just come in!" He smiles and gives me an unexpected hug.

"Thanks, but I could use some help with these boxes."

I step aside, he just laughs, "The boys can help you with that." He screams to the boys, which I really don't know who they are, to come and I can hear them sigh really loud. After a while, four more boys, which introduced themselves as Harry, Liam, Niall and Zayn, are helping me with the boxes. "Your room is the first to the right upstairs." Harry says and is pointing at the closed door upstairs.

"Oh thanks, could you help me bring these boxes up to my room? I didn't know my room was upstairs and I've packed them a bit heavily." Harry just laughs and grabs two boxes at the same time. I could barely carry one of them, Harry was a strong guy. After a while all 10 boxes were in my room, which was huge. "Thanks," I said and smiled at him.

"No problem, you need help to unpack them to?" He asks and starts to open one of them.

"Oh no, that's fine. I will be downstairs soon," He nods and starts to walk out of the room. I go after him to close the door. I look around, this room was beautiful! White walls, big windows, a walk in closet and a big round bed. I start to unpack my things and after about one hour everything were on it's place but the closet was almost empty. I didn't bring that much clothes because my plan was to shop for new. This was a fresh start to me. which means new year, new home, new city, new friends, a totally new me!

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