Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


8. the worst hangover

"Morning beautiful" harry said leaning in to kiss me. I faced him. "Morning" I replied yawning a bit. "How's your head?" He asked wrapping his arms round me. "The worst" i held my head almost screaming cause it hurt so much. "I'll go get you a glass of water" harry offered,climbing out of bed kissing my head. I walked out after him. "Go back to bed I'll bring it in" he laughed. "No,I don't want to" I moaned. He handed me the glass of water,and in seconds it was all gone. "Now go to bed" harry moaned at me. "I don't want to be away from you!" I said hugging him with my arms around his neck,fiddling with his hair.

Harry's POV

My hands where around her waist and I could feel her playing with my hair. I loved her so much. How could it be that in so little time you can fall for someone so much. I kissed up her neck, then lifted her she laughed as I walked back in the bed room and placed her on the bed. "Harry, I don't want you to go" she said almost sobbing in my ear. "I don't want to go either" I said almost crying. "You know... I don't want you to go without a reminder of you" But before she could even finish her sentence I had already slammed my lips on hers,I wanted her so much but this was just uncontrollable,I got up and slammed the door shut... You can probably figure out what happened next,I'll let your imaginations plan this one out .

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