Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


10. the last day

Stephanie's POV :

"Harry get up!" I yelled trying to get out of is right grip. "5 minutes" he pulled me back in. "Harry it's 12:00pm we've slept all morning and it's my last day with you before you leave to go America" I poked his face trying to get him up. "Ok ok movie day then a microwave dinner?" He smiled still with his eyes shut. "Move yes,your cooking" I hit him playfully. "Ok baby" he kissed me slowly,the kiss got more passionate... "Now get up" I laughed.

Harry's POV :

We sat Down on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn in front of us,covers over us and Steph on my chest,she was warm,I fiddled with her hair until she looked up at me. I smiled. She looked at me I went to kiss her until she shoved popcorn in my mouth. "Did you just really do that?" I asked chewing the popcorn up. "I did indeed mr styles" she said sarcastically. "That wasn't nice was is!" I laughed. She smiled then... Bang I got a bowl of sweets and tipped in on her head. She pinned me down,not allowing me move a single bit. By this point we wasn't even watching the movie anymore. I was on tour for a month and Stephs family lived there so I decided to ask her if she wanted to come with me... "Steph will you come with me for the last two weeks of the tour?" She looked at me shocked like she just saw a dead rat. "Erm.." She added. I don't get why she doesn't wanna go back to America I thought she'd be happy,what wasn't she telling me?! "I'd love to" she half smiled. "Yay" she kissed me allowing me to finally move. "Woah I wasn't done with you" she muttered,"you love me" I winked as I rolled on top of her. "Not here harry" I laughed and picked her up,heading to the bed room... Slam the door shut.

Again guys I'm gonna let your imaginations play this one out😂👌

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