Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


2. plans

Eleanor was helping me unpack,putting all my clothes on to hangers and hanging them up neatly in the wardrobe. As her phone bleeped.

She got up and grabbed it.

From smexi Lou <3 : babe where are you,starving and was wondering if you wanted to come out with me and the boys for lunch???;)xxx

To smexi Lou <3 : hey babe,I'm upstairs in room 101 with Steph,you know the girl I was telling you about :) I'm helping her unpack then we're going out for lunch :)xxx

From smexi Lou <3 : don't ditch me :( can't Steph come with us and the boys? She can't get to know people :)xxxx

To smexi Lou <3 : ok baby,see you soon ;)xx

"Who was that el?" I asked putting the last item away "all done" I added. " it was my fiancée,hey Steph do you wanna come out for lunch with me Lou and a few other guys?" I smiled "ye sure el I'm going to freshen up" I said picking something out my wardrobe, " ok me to,I'll meet you here around 12:30" she said in a rush "ok" I said pulling out a black dress that stopped just after my bum,it had a puffed out bottom and was cut low at the back. With that Eleanor walked out back to hers.

I jumped in the shower, I washed my hair and body,and with that I felt so much more fresh. It was 12:00 and I still had lots to do! I grabbed the hair dryer and dried my hair completely. I put a few curls in my long blond hair and then did my make up,I quickly got dressed and put a pair of black hills. It was 12:20 so I got out my phone and looked what was trending on twitter.

@eleanorjcalder : going out for a lovely lunch with the best friend @xostephanieox ,the wonderful fiancee, and the boys ;)x

@xostephanieox : getting treated to a lovely lunch from the best friend @eleanorjcalder x

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