Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


7. party

From SexyH;) : I'll pick you up at 8 <3xxx

To SexyH;) : ok,see you then :)

Me and harry were basically a couple... I mean,I don't recall me asking him out nor him asking me? The kiss last night,it just felt so right in every way! The way he texts me with hearts and kisses, made me smile...and the thing is I haven't known him that long and I'm already falling for him!

From El ;)x : me you harry and Lou are gunna ride together to Perrie's be ready by 8 x

To El ;)x : ok,we should go matching ;D x

From El ;)x : yeah blue low cut dress?:) x

To El ;)x : defoo x

It turned 7pm I started to get ready,I jumped in the shower,blow dried my hair and did my make up and slipped into a blue dress whit a low cut back,that puffed out at the bottom. I grabbed my bag and took my phone out.

5new tweets.

@eleanorjcalder : @perrieedwords 20th tonight decided to go matching with @xostephanieox

@louis_tomlinson : @eleanorjcalder does that mean I have to go matching with @harry_styles... :Dxx

@harry_styles : @louis_tomlinson black skinniest dark blue shirt,black blazer? :) x

@eleanorjcalder : @harry_styles I'll make sure @louis_tomlinson matches :)xx

@louis_tomlinson : @eleanorjcalder<3

@xostephanieox : @perrieedwards 20th tonight, going matching with @eleanorjcalder :) gunna be like old times;)x

It hit eight exactly,I opened the door. "My lady" harry said in a posh accent it made me giggle "harry you need to stop calling me that" I laughed. "You ready to go meet Lou and el?" I added. "Yes my lady" he teased. I hit his arm. I turned round grabbed my bag and my phone and locked my door. Harry kissed me on the Cheek."what was that for?" I smiled at him looking into his green eyes,they were perfection. el and louis walked out.harry lent in and kissed me on the lips. "What are you too doing!" Lou laughed. El come up to me and hugged me. We were both wearing the same outfit and has curled out hair a little,we kinda looked like twins. Harry and louis also were dressed the same.

Me and harry walked down to the lobby hand in hand as did louis and El. "Zayn,Perrie,Leigh-Anne,Jessy and jade are already there liam and niall are going to meet us there" el explained "dappy,olly.ed and Conor are going to show there faces later on" louis added. Harry was whispering really cheesy things in my ear I couldn't keep a straight face any longer I burst out into laughter. "Will you too shut up!" Eleanor laughed. "It's not my fault harry cant control his self!" I giggled. "Oh really" harry smirked. He lifted me off my feet oblivious to the fans watching. He put me down and lent in and pecked me on the lips. "After you my lady" he teased. I climbed in.

Stephanie's POV

It was a long car journey,louis and el were talking about there wedding,me and harry where talking in the back. I really like harry,but I knew I couldn't get close to him,I couldn't get hurt again,I don't want to move from London like I did America because of getting close to someone... "We're here!"

"Happy birthday" everyone sung to Perrie,I handed her a present "thanks... I..i..I love it!!" She screened placing it on her wrist "thank you much" she smiled leaping in for a big hug. It was a pandora bracelet with lots of charms on. One with half a heart saying "F" for friend I had the other one on mine saying "b" for best.

The night past quick. Me and el were drunker than drunk,dancing with each other falling other at points,harry and louis were laughing there heads off. Liam and niall were pissed to. Danielle come in and started shouting at Liam witch was pretty funny. It was 1:30 I had sobered up a little. We got back into the car,louis drives,el was passed out and harry was making convocation with louis. I pulled out my phone...

From mum<3 :hello beautiful call me when you get back from this party of yours,don't get to drunk.

To mum <3 : it's almost 2 I'm on my way back now,I'm not that drunk el is though,how did you know about this party? X

From mum<3 : your sister told me what you where writing on twitter :)x

To mum <3 : why are you still up mom?

From mum <3 : couldn't sleep :(xx

To mum <3 : aww :( just got back going sleep now love you lots :) xx

From mum <3 : sweet dreams, love you more xx

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