Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


3. not what I was expecting

From el ;)x : on my way now :) x

To el ;)x : okie x

Before I knew it there was a knock at my door,I grabbed my bag and walked out to see el standing in front of me. "Wow Steph you look stunning!" I said in shock! "As do you el" her jaw dropped I lifted it back up and laughed "anyway should we go,we're have to go out the back.. There's to many people out front,we're going to meet the boys down there" I nodded and followed el down the back stairs.

We finally got to the bottom,el walked in front of me and spoke to a security guard who led us out. I followed them looking down to the floor, I didn't want to look up as I could see 7pairs off feet in front of me and el standing next to me.

"Hey boys,Perrie,Danielle,this is Steph" el nudged my shoulder, I looked up at 5 dropped jaws "hi " I said shyly. "Boys your drawling..." El said cracking up. I giggled softly and followed el round to the other side of the black van that sat In front of us. "After you my lady" el teased, " why thank you sir" I teased back.

It was a long drive to the restaurant,I was sat next to Eleanor,and the boys that I recognised from one direction were sat opposite us,Perrie and Danielle where sitting in the front. The two that I knew as louis and harry were talking to el and the other three that I knew as zayn,liam and niall were all giggling and teasing each other.

"So Stephanie,where are you from,outer london?" Harry asked,with his jaw still down to the floor. "Steph and no.. America" I replied quickly. "American I like that" he smiled,still starring at me. I nudged Eleanor's shoulder. She looked at me,then harry,then back at me. "Oh harry will you please lift the jaw of yours? Your drawling everywhere!!!" Louis laughed. " oh I almost forgot " el added "this is my fiancée louis" I looked at el shocked.

"Why didn't you tell me you wear engaged to louis from one direction!" I was still in shock! "Because" she smiled. "I'm right here you know guys" louis giggled.

"We're hear guys" Perrie announced.

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