Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


18. meeting the family

Stephanie's POV:

Waking up to his eyes made me smile,I don't know why,they were as blue as the ocean and it was so easy to get lost in them... "Morning babe" he whispered. I didn't reply for a second or to I was to distracted by he's eyes,I never knew how beautiful they actually where. "Morning"

Me and niall talked for around 15minutes before we both got up to get ready. "You know we'd save water if we showered together" he joked. "Niall!!!!" I laughed. "Can't blame a guy for trying." He hit me playfully. "Shut up." I hit him back. "Right that's it! Your going down" he picked me up over his shoulder and ran into louis and Eleanor's room. "Get up!!" Niall yelled still holding me.

Niall threw me on top of louis and jumped on the bed with us. "What the fuck!" Louis yelled. "Oh my god" Eleanor moaned. Niall had jumped on top of me and started tiggling me to death. "Niall!!!....st....sto...STOP...IT ...HURTS!!!" I yelled,laughing at the same time. "Ok ok."

Niall went and woke everyone else up while I went and had a shower. I washed my hair,and my body,I blow dried my hair and got dressed. I curled the ends of my hair and put on a pair of high waisted skinny jeans,converse and a pink belly top.

"You ready to go Steph?" Someone whispered behind me. I turned round and instantly got up and pushed past him. It was liam.'i hate him,I hate him,I love him' kept replaying in my head. "Steph listen." He whispered following me. I ignored him and grabbed nialls hand. "Come on everyone were going!" I said trying to act happy.

It was a long trip to mine. We were all laughing and making jokes in the car,even me and liam,and me and harry. Ellie had also come with us,but she was catching up with zayn. "I miss perry" he whispered,even know everyone managed to hear him. "Zayn she'll be back tomorrow!" I said in excitement. He just smiled at me and carried on talking to Ellie.

"Stop staining styles!" I giggled. "In your dreams baker." He smirked. "You did not just go there." I laughed. He knows I hate my last name,but he didn't know the reason why,only niall did. I hate my dad,everything about him in fact even his last name. "Oh but I did" he smirked again. "That's it" I laughed punching him playfully. He kept kissing me anywhere he could. "I'll bit you!" I laughed. "No no no!!" He yelled. "Good" I smirked.

That was the most fun I've had with harry since we've been in America,I wish every day was like this... "We're here!" The driver yelled letting us out.

Harry's POV:

Right before us was a massive White House,it had a long drive way,and a huge garden,there was only tree houses around it,it had huge land and open space and... Woah,I need to stop thinking about the house and start thinking how I'm going to win Steph back!

"My lady." I said walking up to Steph grabbing her waist. "Yes kind sir." She replied trying to act posh. "Your mother awaits." I replied also trying to act posh.

Steph knocked on the door as we all followed. "Steph!" Her mother called. She welcomed us all one by one. "Harry! I've heard so much about you!" She hugged me in existent. "Liam,niall,zayn,louis,Eleanor,Ellie! Nice to see you all!" She greeted.

Angels POV:

"What's all the screaming about?!" I yelled walking down stairs and into the sitting room. "Oh my fucking god!" I yelled so loud the neighbours could probably hear. "What's did you say young lady?!" Mum said. I blushed. "Nothing"

"What,what,what,why,oh my god,why are you guys here?!" I said jumping in excitement. "With your sister" they all replied together. "Oh my god! Steph Harry's mine! Don't you dare even think about trying to talk him" I told Steph not caring who heard. Everyone laughed. Harry smirked and blushed not saying anything. "Maybe wen your old enough sissy" Steph teased.

We all had lunch with the boys. We were all talking about there concerts,and how they met Steph. We where also talking about Stephs and my childhood.

"Anyway we better be leaving,interview." Steph said hugging me and mum goodbye. "Bye bye angel" harry said kissing me on the head then wrapping his arm round Steph. I blushed. A lot actually. I hugged all the boys goodbye then off they went.

"Mum." I asked. "Yes sweetie" she replied. "Do you think harry and Steph are together?" I said. "Not at the moment sweet but I'm sure there get back together" she said. 'Back together?' What did she mean 'back together' oh my god! Harry and Steph went out!! If I haven't told her once I've told her a billion times! Harry's mine!!

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