Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


24. first day back.

Liam's POV:

I woke up next to Stephanie. Her head berried in my chest. She looked gorgeous. I Love her more than ever,more than anyone could ever imagine. Last night me and Stephanie had 'sex' let me say something. It was the best night of my life! Steph has so much effect on me,it's just the case of her feeling the same... I mean what if she doesn't?

I looked around the room,everyone was still asleep. I got up and nudged Niall. "What?" He groaned. "Come help me make breakfast" I whispered. "Food?" He questioned. I laughed "typical"

I cracked some eggs and put them into a frying pan as well as putting some bacon under the grill. I told Niall to watch them while I ran upstairs to get changed and get my phone. He agreed.


After I showered I put on some swet pants and grabbed my phone. I walked downstairs back to Stephanie's apartment. "Is it hot in here or is it just me?" Stephanie joked. Ellie did a little wolf whistle.

"What?" I laughed. "You are fit" Ellie laughed. Stephanie slapped her playfully. "Where's your shirt?" Harry asked. "I don't want one" I stated walking In the kitchen to Niall.

"Breakfast is served!" He called,just as I walked in. There was a massive table full off food. "Wow niall you did good!" Perrie said hugging him. "Drink orders?" I asked grabbing a pen and a napkin off the counter.

"Apple for me and Ellie please" harry asked. I wrote and nodded. "Orange for me and Perrie" zayn smiled. "Orange as well please" Niall asked. "Apple for me please" louis asked. "And orange for me please" el said. I nodded as I wrote.

"And you my lady?" I asked kissing Stephanie 'good morning' on the cheek. "I'm not hungry nor thirsty thanks" she smiled exiting the room. "Steph?" I called. She walked back in. "Yeh?" She asked. "Were are you going?" I questioned. "To get dressed" she laughed exiting the room again.

Stephanie's POV:

I went and had a shower,brushed my teeth and got dressed. I chose some black and white gipsy print leggings with a black flow top. I shoved my hair up into a messy bun before applying a suitable amount of make up.

I exited my room and walked back into the kitchen where everyone else was still sitting. "Niall...." I asked. He turned round from washing up and smiled "yes?" He asked. "Are you feeling okay?" I asked concerned. He laughed and nodded. I smiled. "Thanks" I said kissing him on the cheek. He blushed,witch I found adorable.

I walked and sat down next to Ellie. "Steph..." She whispered. I turned to face her. "Mmm" I mumbled. "With muscles like that you must have had some rough sex last night" she whispered lowering her voice more. I burst out into laughter instantly. "What the accrual fuck!" I laughed harder.

"What?" Everyone asked,more or less at the same time. "Nothing" I laughed, "I just asked Steph a question" I smiled. "What would that question be?" Harry chuckled. "She said,and I quote. With muscles like that you must have had some rough sex last night!" I laughed,followed by Ellie. Everyone looked at Ellie shocked. Liam just smiled. "What about my muscles?" Harry joked. "Baby we haven't had sex yet." Ellie said,making everyone laugh. Harry blushed,Liam kept his eyes on me. "Well come on then?" Harry said standing up,reaching out for Ellie's hand.

"Eww!!" I said. "Careful Ellie's a vergin! Don't go rough!" I smiled. "Yeah haz don't treat her like your hand!" Louis said. Witch made everyone laugh. Ellie just blushed. "And please. Don't break her bed haz" I smiled pushing them out the door. "And no disturbing noises!" Niall called. We all laughed.

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