Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


5. early night

When we got back I gave el a hug good bye,niall and zayn and Perrie had already gone,they lived on the floor below us,harry hugged me tight and whispered "I'll text you later" in my ear,he kissed my cheek and headed up stairs with liam and Danielle.

From SexyH;) : hey babe :)x

To SexyH;) : really harry.. SexyH?? And you said later not two minutes After we said bye :D x

From SexyH;) : but I miss you!! ;)xx

To SexyH;) : to bad ;)x

From SexyH;) : getting lonely up here,come up!;) x

To SexyH;) : no harry!

From SexyH;) : can I come down there then?

To SexyH;) : no! You stay up there ok?!

From SexyH;) : fine :( I miss you xxx

To SexyH;) : getting in the shower,movie and popcorn? Mine 6? ;)x

From SexyH;) : sounds good ;)xxx

To SexyH;) : ok see you then x

I jumped in the shower,blow dried my hair and shoved it up into a messy bun. I threw on my pink onzie and put some popcorn into the microwave. It was 5:57 any minute now harry would walk in. I was so existed,I really liked harry and...

*knock,knock,knock* I placed the bowl of popcorn on the table and went to answer the door, stood before my eyes was harry,his green eyes shone out more than ever tonight,his brown curls hid away by a beanie that he was wearing,he was in a long white t-shirt and ... "Harry" I laughed "what you've never seen a guy in a t-shirt and boxers?" He giggled "what movie are we watching he added.

"What movie do you want to watch?" I asked excitedly but trying not to show it. "Erm.. Love actually?" He said with a cheeky grin on his face. " ok " I slid the DVD on and sat back on the sofa to watch. Harry pulled his head into my neck, I know we only just met and everything,but I do really like him and it's so hard trying to stay away from him!! He's irresistible.

It hit 9:30 the movie had finished,"harry excuse me" I giggled as harry snuggled up more "I'm not moving" harry said like a child "Harold!" I moaned "fine!" He said, he kissed my neck and stood up he pulled me up and helped me to my feet,I took the bowl out into the kitchen as my phone rang.

"Hello?" Harry's voice come from the room "yes I'll get her for you mrs baker" harry said "steph" he added. I come into the living room and grabbed my phone "hello...mum" "hello sweetie everything ok?" "Yeah fine thanks,sorry I didn't call you earlier time got ahead of me" harry grabbed me onto his lap and started drawing shapes on my back and kissing my neck constantly. "Ok love you" I hung up.

"Harry" I turned around "yes princess" he said smoothly "stop being so cheesy! And I barley know you! And stop kissing me you creep!" He giggled. He lent in making the first move,slowly kissing me passionately.

I pulled back,then pecked him on the lips. I stood up allowing him to stand up "more kisses" he said in a little kids voice pouting his lips. " no harry it's 11:30 and I think that's enough,once again... I don't know you" he laughed and stood up holding my waist from behind I walked him out the door,we said our goodbyes in the hallway... I guess Eleanor caught us at the wrong moment...

"Steph and harry!" She said sarcastically. I pulled away from harry and looked at el "oh my god harry go put some shorts of trousers on or something!" El laughed "harry was just going!" I said giggling "goodnight babe" he said pecking me on the lips once more. "Well,well,well" el said looking at me sarcastically,I couldn't help but giggle!

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