Let me love you

Sorry guys,this isn't a copy,this is originally my book but some how all my movellas have deleted off my phone,so copying them onto this account): sorry x


9. a day out with everyone

Stephanie's POV:

I woke up with my head on Harry's chest,he was shirtless but so warm. "Morning beautiful" I looked up to see big green eyes starring right at me. "Morning" he kissed my forehead slowly. "What's the plan for today?" I ask trying to break the science. Harry didn't reply for a while. "Studio,recordings,interviews all day. Eleanor,perry and Danielle are coming so it would be amazing if you co-" I cut him off "Harry I can't" I replied feeling sorry. "Why not" he replies. "Because I'm going to explore London today,I don't really know the area and a good shopping trip would be amazing right n-" he cut me off "you can do that another day,I'm leaving to go to America in two weeks,and I want to spend as much time as possible with you" he gave me the puppy dog eyes, "oh alrig-" he cut me off jumping on me giving me the biggest hug ever.

I jumped in the shower,washed my hair,blow dried,got dressed into a pair of high wasted skinny blue jeans and a white belly top,I straightened my hair,and put on a pair of white converse. Harry walked into the bed room wearing black skinnies,black vans,and a white top,he had also put on a red Bennie,witch disappointed me because I really liked his hair.

"You ready to go" he said as he walked I. And sat next to me on the bed. "Erm yes let me just grab my phone" I said searching around for my phone. "I think it's on the kitchen counter I remember seeing it when I walked in" he smiled. "Ok thanks" we walked out and I quickly grabbed my phone.

From El ;)x : me and Lou are out back were are you guys! Wait don't tell me just hurry up! X

To El ;)x : where did you think we were exactly el :D. Coming out now x

I showed harry the text from el. And he laughed hard "ignore her,you had fun though right?" I looked at him and laughed "if your refuting to last night-" he cut me off before I could say anything "witch I am" he muttered interlocking out fingers walked out mine and over to the lift. "Then yeah it was fun" I laughed,he smirked. "Again?" He winked. "Harry" I hit his arm playfully "stop being rude" I added.

Eleanor's POV :

"Finally there you guys are" I give Steph my 'I'm really annoyed but so happy to see you face.' "El you can stop with the face now" she laughed then hugged me and then harry while I hugged Lou. "Lou put me down" I screamed as he lifted me of the ground and spun me around. "Not until you say louis is the best!" He placed me on his shoulder. " Lou put me down now!" I hit his back. "Ok ok aww stop!" El and harry were cracking up with laughter. Lou finally put steph down then off we went.

Stephanie's POV:

We walked into the studio,Zayn,Liam,Niall,perry and Danielle were already there, perry run up to me and greeted me with a huge hug "hey perry" I yelled as she practically ran into me. "Steph it's been so long please keep me safe from niall" I laugh "what's wrong with niall?" Niall laughs. "Yeah what's wrong with me?!" We all laugh. "He keeps tickling me and zayn won't do nothing about it!" I look down and laugh noticing a huge diamond sat right on top of her engagement finger. She looks up and instantly knows what my fascination was about. She released me and ran to zayn. He rapped his arm around her waist. "Guys,girls,we've got something to tell you all..." There was a long pause. Everyone had confused looks on there faces. "We're engaged" perry laughed kissing zayns cheek. "Oh my god congratulations" everyone screamed pulling them in for hugs.

After the recording we all went out for lunch. The car journey was long as we kept getting stopped by fans. Liam and Danielle were kissing in the back seats,Perry and zayn were talking about there wedding in the front and harry,louis and Niall were talking about the next show and leaving for America in two weeks. Me and Eleanor were talking about shopping at girly things.

"We're here" the driver said. We all jumped out of the car making our way into the restaurant. It wasn't a fancy restaurant because none of us were dressed up. We all sat and a huge table and ordered. While we were waiting I took it as an opportunity to get to know niall. "So what's this place called" I asked him breaking the silence, "oh my Everyone she's never heard of nandos!!!!!!" I giggle "what's wrong with that?" He looks at me shocked deadly serious. "Everything! Nandos is like the most amazing restaurant ever!" I laugh agreeing with him even though I had never been to the place. We ate up,had a giggle about stuff then it was time tomake out way to the next interview.

It was a long day!!

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