Falling for your eyes.

Again this was originally my movella I deleted this app and redownloaded it and everything disappeared.


2. awkward

Ella's POV:

I left without saying anything,I feel scared,and horrified that I kissed that boy. His eyes though. They tugged me in,they shone out like thy were asking for more. They wanted me to fall into Harry's trap,now it's worked.

Liam pushed past me and into class. He stormed to the front to sit down before our teacher caught him. "No mr payne you sit at the back next to miss Tomlinson!" She half yelled. "Speaking of miss Tomlinson.." She eyed the room. "Report!" She half shouted. I rolled my eyes before giving it to her.

"I'm sorry" he muttered. "So am I" I sighed. He frowned. "About kissing h-" I cut him off. "Don't even say his fucking name" I half shouted. "Langue!" Miss coral shouted. I rolled my eyes and continued mine and Liam's convocation. "Why not?" He muttered. "Because I don't like him!" I yelled in a whisper. Liam giggled. "Sure" he said sarcastically. "I don't I think he's a right dick head!" I laughed. "We still friends?" He smiled holding his arms open. I leaned into him and hugged him tight. "Yeah" I smiled."Your really warm to!" I added. He giggled.

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