Just imagine if you had a Cinderella life, with a wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters. Of course, you'd be having a prince too. For Valeria, that's exactly the life she's living. But instead, she'd be having an evil stepbrother. A mean, cruel, evil, wicked stepbrother. Well- at least not for long.


1. Prologue

All I heard were the cries, while I stood there, not blinking an eye.
Blood stains splattered on me, spoiling my attire.
The blood on the road continued to flow down the drain.
The rain poured down heavily, as the sirens were sounded.

People pushed me away, making me stumble.
Yes, right now, I'm fragile.
As glass.
As fragile as I can be.

My vision blurred, but I steadied myself.
A figure took my hand and led me inside of the ambulance.
There was enough room for me and another figure, which was my dad.
The paramedics were trying hard to save her,
to save a blessing that was given to me,
and I, right now, am losing this blessing.

A blessing called a mum.
Too many things are in my head,
and the tears are all dried up.

Again, my vision is starting to blur.
And the last thing I felt was my dad holding me before I blacked out.




I was awoken by the sound of beeps, and machineries.
My head was pounding,
and opening my eyelids were a dread.
Right after my vision came back, I observed my surroundings.
It wasn't familiar to me, of where I am right now.
The last thing I remembered was being in an ambulance.

With the stressful atmosphere, the sounds, and my memories, one thing was left for me to figure out.
Where am I?
Of course, in a hospital.

Why did I faint?

Once the nurses saw me waking up, she alerted my dad and the doctor.
They came rushing, and the doctor quickly took a hold of me.
He checked my condition, and said that it was alright for me to walk around.

My dad came up to me, with a pitiful face.
I gave him a puzzled look.
He grabbed my hand gently, and stroked my cheek.
"I'm glad you're alright, honey."

Unwilling to talk, I just smiled.
He continued to speak, "I didn't want to lose both of you at once."
Right after the second he spoke, he covered his mouth, regretting it.

Both of us?
Who was 'us'?
Me and who?
Who else was injured?

All the memories came rushing, as I fell down on the bed.
Did she...?
Don't tell me.

I croaked out a voice,
"Dad, did she make it?"

He took a deep breath.
A silence came after that.

"No, honey, she didn't."

"Your mum didn't make it."   

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