Just imagine if you had a Cinderella life, with a wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters. Of course, you'd be having a prince too. For Valeria, that's exactly the life she's living. But instead, she'd be having an evil stepbrother. A mean, cruel, evil, wicked stepbrother. Well- at least not for long.


6. Chapter 5

It was kind of relieving, to wake up without anyone shouting my name every 5 seconds.
Although, I didn't shower before sleeping.

What, did he expect me to stay in my dirty clothes all day long?

I rubbed my eyes, only to find a shopping bag on the floor.
Opening it, it contained a few clothes and jeans, and undergarments.

I searched for the bathroom, the only bathroom, perhaps, in this whole house.
My new toothbrush, toothpaste, towels and everything are already here.

Was this really happening?
Did he really went out and bought me all of these?

I smiled at the thought of him trying to change.
After having a good few minutes to shower and dress up, I went around the house, searching for Dan, only to find a box on the kitchen counter with a note on it.

'You new iPhone, Val. My number's in there. If you need anything, just ring that number. P/S: I'll be back around two."

Seeing that note, I felt my heart rate quickened.
Did he really buy me an iPhone?

I checked the box.
He was right, it was a new iPhone.

I smiled, I was excited, being the first time ever to own a phone.
It took me literally 15 minutes to figure out where the contacts were placed in. But hey, everyone experiences first-times right?

Exploring the kitchen for food, I found nothing, to my own dismay.
I don't have to rely on Dan completely, so I decided to buy some groceries.
It felt good to buy groceries for you own good, to be honest.

The distance between Dan's rented house and his mum's house is quite the way.
On my walk to the groceries store, my phone beeped.
I was really slow to figure out what caused the beep.

Turns out Dan texted me a while ago.

"I'll be coming early, Val. I have something to discuss."

Trust me, those words gave me anxiety.
Discuss? About what?

It took me 15 minutes to reply a simple text. Literally.
Upon arriving, I quickly shopped for what was needed, and returned back.

Of course, when he meant 'early', he meant way earlier.
His car was parked right at the porch.

He was just sitting on the couch, playing on the phone.
When I arrived, he quickly placed his phone away.

I looked attentively into his eyes. Ah, charming, isn't it?

"Val, how much money do you have on yourself?"
I looked at him curiously, "Quite a bit. I've been saving. Why?"
He smiled, "Since this is rented house, and I've been paying rent for the past few months, could you help me pay a quarter of it, since you're living here?"
I quickly nodded. I was the least I could do.
He raised up both of his hands, "Not to worry, the rent isn't expensive."
"Wait, if it's not that expensive, let me pay half."
He laughed, "Nah nah, pay quarter."

Why was he being so nice?
I still don't get it.

"The rent you have to pay is about three hundred a month, would that be okay with you?"
"Yeah, sure. I'll get a job, too, bu-"
Before I could say anything, he cut me off. "One more thing, you only have to pay for the next three months. Then, the house is paid off completely."
"I thought this was a rented house? That's not really what you call a rented house, Dan."
He laughed, "I know, it just sounds cooler when I call it a rented house, girlie."

There was an awkward silence before we continued.
I looked at him, with a serious aura backing me up, "Are you sure about this?"
"About the rent? Yeah!"
I sighed, "No, about letting me live here. What would your mum think? She won't let me off the hook so easily, you know."
He gently smiled, "I'm serious about this, Val. About my mum, just don't worry, okay."
I nodded.

My stomach grumbled, only to ruin the moment.
"Ah, someone's hungry." He laughed.
"I'll go make something right away for the both of us."

I stood up, not knowing what was about to happen.
I felt a weight on my wrist right before I could stand up properly.
I was shot back down on the couch, being pushed against the end of the couch.

Before I knew it, Dan straddled against me, forcing his lips on mine.


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