Just imagine if you had a Cinderella life, with a wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters. Of course, you'd be having a prince too. For Valeria, that's exactly the life she's living. But instead, she'd be having an evil stepbrother. A mean, cruel, evil, wicked stepbrother. Well- at least not for long.


5. Chapter 4

I blinked several times, only to realize this wasn't a dream.

"I think it's time for you to move out."
Upon hearing that, I widened my eyes.
He touched my hand, on the handrail, "I mean it in the best way. I'll help you out, Val."

What's this feeling in my guts? Was it trust?

I couldn't trust him! Even an idiot would know that!

His eyes showed sincerity, but should I trust him?
Someone couldn't change this fast, right? He has to be fooling me!
I couldn't help but to push away these feelings, even if sooner or later, I'll know it's the worst choice to do.

"Help me?" I smirked.
I pushed his hand away, bad aura surrounding myself. "Why would you, out of every single person in the world would help me?"

His pupils dilated, "Val." He spoke softly.
"Do you know how much you have hurt me, Dan? Do you know how many tears I have poured out, caused by the person standing in front of me right now?"

"Valeria, listen to me." He spoke sternly, quickly grasping my arm.
I croaked out a moan of pain, "Wh-what?"
"I know I made mistakes, but that was in the past. The future would be different right?"

Hearing those words infuriated me.
The future would be different?
The only future I'll have is a locked-up jail!
He knows that the best!

"A different future?" I paused.
I took a breathe before continuing, "Dan, you know, right?"
His grasp loosened upon hearing my words.
"My dad would always be working, 24/7."
I stared into his eyes, "The only time he'll be home is only on Christmas or on a rare occasion."
"You know why?"
The world stopped before I continued with my words.

"He hates me, Dan."

After letting go of my arm, he stammered, "H-hates you?"
"I remembered his schedule, he would always have a different calender each year. Only that the schedule would always be the same."

"All that he has to do was working at the office, and comes back in the evening, like a normal working office person would. And why wouldn't he come back? What are the chances of it being a different reason than hating me, Dan?"

I forced a smile, "But I'm fine, right? I have two loving people in my life right now. A sweet mother and a really really passionate brother. Nothing could go wrong, right?"

Dan slammed the hand railing at the open balcony, "You really don't get me, do you?"
"Why can't you see that I'm trying to help you, Val?"

I sighed. "Help. I've heard of that before. What did 'help' every do to me? Nothing, Dan. Even if you try to help, nothing will come out of it."

He smiled, genuinely. "Really?"
I nodded.

He took a grip of my wrist and lead me to another room.
He pushed the door open, and switched on the lights.

It was a room, a normal room, perhaps.
With a bed, a closet and a study desk.

"Why don't you stay here?"

I literally dropped my jaw when he offered me.
He was being serious?

"I-I can't, Dan, it's too mu-"

"I won't take no for an answer, you're staying here."

I was taken aback. Was he being forceful, or just nice?

He smiled, before a taking his leave.

I guess that leaves me no choice, right?



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