Just imagine if you had a Cinderella life, with a wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters. Of course, you'd be having a prince too. For Valeria, that's exactly the life she's living. But instead, she'd be having an evil stepbrother. A mean, cruel, evil, wicked stepbrother. Well- at least not for long.


4. Chapter 3

"Get that girl right here!" I heard a scream from my bedroom.
Dan slowly opened the door, grabbed my hand and led me to the living room.

Kara was there, legs and arms crossed, silently sitting on the couch, patiently observing each and every one of my step.

"Yes, Kara?"
She glared at me, "You know what you did honey, and yet you're so calm."
I looked at both her and Dan puzzled.
She stood up, looking at me. "Look at this." She said, taking out her iPhone.
Unlocking it and showing a certain photo to me.

It was dark, and it was pretty sure a picture of me and Dan.
Looking closely, it was Dan on top of me!

I covered my widened mouth.
Dan, also surprised, seized the iPhone from her hand.
"When the hell was this!?"
"Well, both of you, for your information, Derek sent this to me yesterday."

Remembering back what happened, I gasped.

I was probably when Dan was warning me in the car, when I caught a glimpse of his eyes.

Kara stood closer to me, bent down to reach my ears, "I suppose it's your fault?"
I wanted to speak, before Kara continued her words.

Hearing that word, I pushed her away from me, earning myself a huge slap on my face.
"Look, it's not what you thin-"
"It's not what I think? Then enlighten me."
My cheeks still stinging, I spoke up, "It's an accident, Kara, I swear."

Those words I spoke up, deserved me another slap.

My cheeks are probably red right now.
Where's Dan?
Why the fuck isn't he saying anything

"You're not staying here tonight, slut."
I widened my eyes. "But where should I stay?"

She raised her hand to give me another hit, but before she could do that, she stopped.
Another hand stopped her, it was Dan.

"Don't you think enough is enough?" Dan asked.
"Dan, you-"

Before she could spat up more words, he grabbed my hand and led me out into the dark night.
"Dan, where are you bringing me?"
He kept quiet, pushing me into his car.

He sat at the driver's seat, still silent.
"So you're not telling me anything?"

I sighed, "Gosh."
"Quiet." He grunted.

"Thanks," I muttered.
At the red light, he looked at me, "You're grateful?"
I nodded.
"If you are, then shut up for awhile."

I rolled my eyes, and shut them up.
After a few minutes of an awkward silence, he coughed. "We're here."

He drove to a dark, empty house.
"And where are we?"
He just left the car, and hinting me to follow him.

Getting out of the car, I followed him. He led me inside of the house.
"We're in my rented house."
I widened my eyes, "Rented house?"
He smiled, a genuine smile. "My house, yup."

He took my hand and ran up the stairs, to an open balcony.
"I go here if I'm upset."

I looked at him, clueless. "You're upset right now?"
He sighed.
"I know that I got blamed for everything just now, so why are you down?"
Again, he sighed. "Look, I know, I know."
I looked at him. he night lights brightened his eyes even more.
"I shouldn't have let her hit you."
I kept quiet.

He just stared at the sky.
"The air is nice, right?" I changed the topic.
He nodded.
"Thanks again for stopping her just now."

I looked at him.
He stared at me, all his features intact.

"I think it's time for you to move out."


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