Just imagine if you had a Cinderella life, with a wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters. Of course, you'd be having a prince too. For Valeria, that's exactly the life she's living. But instead, she'd be having an evil stepbrother. A mean, cruel, evil, wicked stepbrother. Well- at least not for long.


3. Chapter 2

It more calmer waking up today than any other usual days.
The days were colder compared to any other days before.

Kara had a day off, so both Kara and Dan were at home.
Dan, again, barged into my room.

"Follow me to the supermarket, I have some things to buy."
No buts had to be said, his words were final.

I only had 5 minutes to get ready.
Once I was done, I followed him to his car.
"We're going there for 10 minutes. If you walk slowly, I'll leave you behind and have fun walking home."

I just nodded.

Once we reached, he gave me a list of things to buy while we find his own things.
"Can't he go alone?" I sighed, once he left me alone, of course.
It was the list of things only he needed, of course.

He wouldn't let me add anything else, including my personal stuff.
He only allowed me to change my toothbrush once in 6 months.
Disgusting, I know.
Shampoo finished?
Good luck living with that.

Once he was done, he placed his stuff in the cart that I was pushing, adding more weight for me to push.
I silently groaned, which earned myself a glare.
He would have broken my neck if we weren't in public.
Pushing my cart all the way to the cashier,
I had to place everything on the counter, with no help.

He just paid, and I had to carry everything to the car. Helpful of him, correct?
Halfway towards the car, once of the bags slipped away from my hands, and dropped onto the ground.
That gave me a half an hour speech from Dan.
I was about to pick it up, when Dan just shoved my hand away, silently picking up the bags.

We placed the bags at the trunk of his car, and entered the car.
He positioned himself in his seat, and started the engine, only to have the engine not starting up.
He tried again a few more times.

He groaned, finding his cell phone.
"Oh holy fucking shit." He screamed, startling me.
He slammed the steering wheel, "I had to leave my iPhone in the house!"

He looked at me, "Stay here, I'll find a pay phone."
Right before he left the car, "And if you leave, you can sleep outside today."

I left the car, leaning on door, breathing the cold air.
I slowly hit the car, "You had to break down right now, hadn't you?"
I rolled my eyes. Of course she wouldn't answer.

After 5 minutes after, Dan came back, huffing and puffing.
He came back, only to roll his eyes at me.
He entered the car, waiting for god-knows-who to come.

I came in again, turning my head to face him.
"Who's helping?"
Eyes closed, he answered, "Derek."
"Yes, now, can you please shut the fuck up?"

Taken aback, I just crossed my arms and slammed my back against.
"My god, girls are so annoying." He muttered under his breath.
Tired of his fucked up attitude, I responded, "Can you stop acting like that?"
Heard of my question, he suddenly took a grip on my wrist. His eyes were wide open.
"Repeat that?"
I took that as a challenged, and so I repeated it, "I said, can you stop acting like that."
"Like what?" He gripped harder, twisting it in the process.
"Like this!"

I struggled my wrist away from his hand, only to hurt more.
Ignoring the pain, I worked my way further.
"Well, you better be enjoying it, lady!"
Letting go of my wrist, he now gripped his hand on my chin, pushing my head to meet his.
His breath hitched on me, his eyes sparkled to meet mine.

For a second there, I took a glimpse of his eyes.
He paused, before continuing. "Don't say that again." He whispered.

A knock on the door made us situate ourselves back to our original seats.
It was Derek, I suppose.
Dan left the car to talk to him and they worked on the engine.

It took them approximately half an hour to clear things up, and then we were back on the road.

Honestly, for a second there, Dan made his way up to the soft spot in me.
I literally skipped a beat when our eyes met.

What the fuck, Valeria?

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