Just imagine if you had a Cinderella life, with a wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters. Of course, you'd be having a prince too. For Valeria, that's exactly the life she's living. But instead, she'd be having an evil stepbrother. A mean, cruel, evil, wicked stepbrother. Well- at least not for long.


2. Chapter 1

"Wake up woman, I'm hungry." The door was banged several times.
Almost enough times, Dan barged in.
Rubbing my eyes, I slowly lean upright, away from my bed. Junk, this bed is.

Standing at the side of my bed, he kicked his foot on the side of the bed.
"Hurry up, I waited for an hour!"
I groaned, hinting that he was annoying.

He took several steps forward, his hand flying on my hair, gripping it tightly.
I squealed, as he pulled my head up directly to meet his.
His face showed rage, "Don't you dare do that ever ever again."

Pushing me away, he mumbled, "3 minutes for you to do your shit. If my food's not there, you're getting it."
And then, he left.

People can be so rude, sometimes.

I was used to this, since I have been living with for nearly half a year.
Kara, my stepmother, would always work in the morning, and comes back after sun down.
As for Dan, my really mean stepbrother, he would always be in the house 24/7.

Dan wasn't as bad as Kara, although they both were basically created in hell.

Finally, I got ready and made breakfast for Dan.
He quietly ate it, while I can only watch.
The rule while they are having their meal is,
don't have yours while they are having theirs.

You would think living this Cinderella life would have a perfect ending, like the fairy tale would.
But no,
for me, a perfect ending doesn't really worth all this sufferings.
If there is even a perfect ending.

It's basically hell in here.
Actually, hell would be a paradise compared to what I'm living right now.

I can't go out,
I don't have a cell phone,
I don't have a perfect family,
I don't have friends,
All I do is work and do chores,
I get abused,
My dad is basically out all of the time.
Why do I even bother living?

When I say abuse, I don't mean sexually.

Kara hits me,
Dan hits me.

That should be enough to be called abuse, right?

After Dan finished having his meal, he went back into his room.

Cleaning up was one of my chores and I had to do it without complaining.
I mopped the floor, cleaned the windows and the tables.

Rooms were off limits, and although you would think that was a great relief, the house was nearly 10 times bigger than the total size of the rooms.

Talk about a rich family.

I usually take showers at 5, and I had a limit of a five-minutes shower.
So the water bill won't cost more, they said.
Stingy too, hm.

I stayed inside my room throughout the day, didn't even bother coming out.
Kara would infuriate if I did that, but I couldn't care less.

But today, she came back in peace and silence.

I prepared dinner, and Kara and Dan would usually chatter during dinner.
I would stay in the kitchen, listening to their conversations.
I am looking forward to be 18, which I will be in another half a year.

Saving up the money for the big moments.

Anyway, this is just a simple summary of my day.
Simple, peh.

Not really what I use in a daily basis.



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