The Star Thief

My hands shook as I rubbed my fingers over the old, rusty key. I slowly held it eye level, inspecting it. I saw a glimmer, and a magnetic pull started yanking me towards the door in the corner. I was going faster, faster, until I was hurtling towards it, jogging, running - and then I stopped long enough to throw the key in the door and twist. The world shimmered, a bright white glow, spinning, spinning, spinning, and then - I stood in a place I only knew as 8D.


3. Chapter 3


~~Mum was out for lunch with her "friends" that I'd never met. Of course I hadn't. I wasn't allowed to. They might find out about me.

I wondered if there was a door onto the roof somewhere, maybe in the attic? I needed to get outside again. I was craving fresh air.

I knew exactly where the stairs to the attic were. In Mum's closet. In her room. Where I wasn't allowed to be. But at that point, I didn't really care. She didn't need to know. I slipped out of the door to my room, dashing into hers. And I felt a pull into the closet.

Somehow I knew that this was connected to last night's occurrence with the disappearing stars. The way I was running around, you'd think I'd stolen them! Maybe if I ever met anyone, I would tell them I was "The Star Thief".

Upon entering the closet, I found many of my toys and my iPad that I used to talk to my friends on. That was odd. Well, not really, if she wouldn't even let me outside. I spotted the string to pull to get into the attic. I jumped up and grabbed it, setting off a bombardment of dust flurries. I coughed, wondering if there was an easier way.

But the pull was getting stronger. I climbed up the steps, dodging mouse poo here and there. And then I was in the attic. I hoped and prayed that I wasn't too late, that Mum was still chatting, eating a salad with her friends at some fancy restaurant across town. Not pulling into the driveway.

I pulled the chain to turn on the light. One, singular bulb blinked to life, shining light on boxes and bags that hadn't been touched in years. And to think, my father moved all these boxes into this very room before he disappeared. Tears sprang into my eyes just thinking about it.

As I was turning to an open box with what looked like baby clothes inside, a glint caught my eye. Curious, I walked towards it on the creaky boards holding me above Mum's room. A key. I picked it up, hands trembling. Who knew what it led to?

And then I found my answer in the corner of the room. A door, a lonely door. I held the key up to eye level, and the pull yanked me, practically hurtling me towards the door. The pull let go only for a second as I shoved the key into the lock and turned it.

My whole world glowed white, spinning, spinning, spinning, and then - I landed.


Pinkie Pie, you must be an avid reader! I hope you're enjoying this so far!!!


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