The Star Thief

My hands shook as I rubbed my fingers over the old, rusty key. I slowly held it eye level, inspecting it. I saw a glimmer, and a magnetic pull started yanking me towards the door in the corner. I was going faster, faster, until I was hurtling towards it, jogging, running - and then I stopped long enough to throw the key in the door and twist. The world shimmered, a bright white glow, spinning, spinning, spinning, and then - I stood in a place I only knew as 8D.


2. Chapter 2

I blinked. And then I blinked again. I rubbed my eyes.

It's just your sleepy eyes. They're just tricking you.

I rubbed my eyes again and looked out the window, my eyes wide. It still wasn't in sight. Frustrated that my brain would trick me like that, I fell back on the ground. I ran my fingers through my hair and gulped, trying not to freak out.

This is worse than the time Lilla got me drunk and I went blind for an hour.

I heard footsteps approaching and threw myself into my "bed", trying to look like I was having trouble cooling myself off rather than like I made a star disappear and jumped into bed so I wouldn't get caught.

My eyes closed the second before she opened the door. Light tried to come through my eyelids, and I pretended to wake up.

"Mmmm, Mum, what do you waaaannnnttttt?" I mumbled.

"Oh sweetie. I just uhm, wanted to say... I'm sorry for yelling at you. I just don't want anyone to know..."

I nodded. "Of course. I know. Conceal the weapon," I joked. My Mum smiled, but only with her mouth. Her eyes looked... Almost... Loving. She stepped onto the fuzzy carpet we had spread on the floor when I was 7. I remember yelling at her: "Mum, I don't like blue! You always do everything wrong!" I suddenly felt a wave of guiltiness sweep over me as she wrapped her arms around my flat, small, poor excuse of a body.

"Mum, I love you."

She looked deep into my eyes, searching for who knows what. Secrets, maybe.

"I love you too. But, you need to get some sleep. It's after three-o'-clock." I nodded as she pulled my blankets up around me properly and kissed my forehead. "Good night," she whispered.

"Good night."


Sorry if that last part was small, Movellas is glitching me out of using a bigger font rn. :P Go check out Kailee26's new story, "Maze"! Bad things are about to happen..."


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