Just Friends (Justin Bieber FanFic)

She is a dancer, He is a pop star, Bella always loved Justin, and he always had a thing for her, but there love was forbidden, dancers weren't to have any relationship with Justin other than to be 'acquaintances' but what happens when they want to be more? Will she be risking her one and a life time chance to be a dancer for Justin? Because everybody is replaceable.


10. That Crazy Chick

Justins POV

In the morning, I went to Scooters room (just like he asked me). "So, why did you want me here?" I asked taking a seat on the bed. "I have some good news." "Okay, what?" "Jelena is back!" He said with a grin from one ear to the other. I hated that fucking nickname the press gave us (plus it had more Selena in it). "Wait, no, that's done, Jelena is over," I said. Scooter's grin faded, "No, because every time Jelena gets back together, everyone gets a big fat check." That's what it was about, the money, never love or the way I felt. "Plus, Selena is in love with you." He added. He was right, she was the one that always talked about families and getting married. "Whatever, so is she here?" Yes. "Yep room 29 I believe, go say hi." No, I'm not going anywhere near that room, "Okay," I said leaving the room.

When I got back to the room, I got a call from Bella. "Hey Bell," I said answering the phone, "Hey Bieber, wanna come to my room, the girls are gone." She sounded so perfect on the phone. "Yeah of course, I'll be there in a sec." I said putting a fresh red t-shirt on. "Okay bye," She said hanging up. Just then, there was a knock at the door, "Come in," I yelled. The door slowly opened, and in walked Selena. "Hey stranger," She said shutting the door behind her. "Oh Hi Selena." "I missed you so so much," She said taking a seat at the end of my bed. I didn't reply. "Didn't you miss me?" She said again. I pretended not to hear. "I know what makes Jussy miss me," She said unbuttoning her shirt. "No Selena," I said, go ahead Selena     I thought. "You mean yes Selena," She said pulling off the shirt revealing her red laced bra. "No I said no, stop." Yes, I'm thinking yes, don't listen to me, keep going.  There was a knock at the door. "No!" I yelled at Selena, it was too late, she reached the door before me.

Bella's P.O.V

I waited for Justin a couple minutes more, then decided to see what was holding him up. I slipped on my flip-flops and made my way to Justin's hotel room. It was usually unlocked, but I decided to knock anyways. "No!" I heard him scream. Just as I turned around to leave, a girl answered the door, wearing only a bra and pair of really short shorts. I wasn't just any girl either, it was Selena Gomez (although she didn't look as great as she did on t.v). "I'm so sorry, I just, never mind," I said fighting back  tears. "What the hell is wrong with you?" She said opening the door a little more reveling Justin who was sitting on the bed. Our eyes met. Selena looked at me, then at Justin, "You know her?" She asked. "Kind of, she is just a dancer." Justin said carelessly. You were never anything to him than just a dancer.     


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